We give you free shipping worldwide on orders over $100 going to Canada, $200 and over going to the US and any order $500+ worldwide. This is calculated automatically at checkout and you just need to choose the free ship option from the pull down menu during the checkout process.


We also now offer low cost flat rate standard UPS shipping options worldwide! Prices for your region will display in the pull down menu during checkout. If you need it faster a quote for express shipping will also display.

Canadian and USA destinations

1. Shipments are sent by UPS. You will see a free, flat rate options or express rate option in the pull down menu during checkout depending on the total value of your order.

2. Our checkout system is now integrated with UPS and you will receive real time ship quotes for an express option. AND this quote are on average 25% less (or more) then anywhere else because of our preferred status with UPS.


Overseas Destinations

1. Shipments are sent by UPS. You will see a free, flat rate options or express rate option in the pull down menu during checkout depending on the total value of your order.

2. Our checkout system is now integrated with UPS and you will receive real time ship quotes for an express option. AND this quote are on average 25% less (or more) then anywhere else because of our preferred status with UPS.

The Ability to use your own Courier

We have an option during check out  for some countries to provide your own courier information to us. If you choose this option you will not be charged for shipping during check out, but you will need to send us your account number, courier company, associated name and address of that account if different from the billing info provided and the type of service to send the package with. Items will be help until that information is sent. If you do not see this option during check out just contact us to arrange!


Please Note That

*Overnight orders must be received before 11am Eastern Standard Time and the actual delivery time is dependent on clearing customs.

*Every parcel is sent with tracking and you will be given the tracking information within 24 hours of your package being shipped.

*All orders are normally shipped within 24 hours from receipt of cleared payment, though occasionally it may be 48 hours till we can ship your item(s).

*Delivery times are estimates only and should be used a guide. Delivery times start from the date when the item is dispatched and accepted/scanned at the Post Office or UPS.

*Sometimes items will incur additional taxes, tariffs, duties or customs fees when shipping to another country. All associated costs are the sole responsibility of the buyer. Shrimpton Couture cannot be held responsible for any of these extra costs. Shipping fees, duties, customs and all costs over and above the actual cost of the item will not be reimbursed under any circumstances.

*Shrimpton Couture consistently undercharges for shipping and in the vast majority of cases we never ask for additional fees because we are very nice and want happy clients

*Shrimpton Couture is not responsible for any delays caused by destination customs clearance processes or your local postal service. We are not responsible for any lost packages under any circumstances. If you have concerns you must request full insurance coverage or it is your sole responsibility to accept the loss. NO EXCEPTIONS. Unless insurance is requested for the full value, lost packages will not be reimbursed. If you provide the wrong address or move or are not there to pick up the package and it is lost subsequently - Shrimpton Couture will not reimburse your shipping or order costs. If you do request insurance and an item is lost you will be reimbursed once the claim has been processed and monies are received by Shrimpton Couture. Not before.

*Returned items always have the actual shipping deducted including items sent under any free shipping promotions. Please read our full Return Policy for more details.

*During times of free shipping promotions we have the right to refuse any sale where shipping costs exceed $300 at our sole discretion.

*If your country is not on our ship-to list when you place your order, contact us to see if we can ship to you.

*We do not ship to high fraud risk countries and all orders are accessed by our security service prior to shipping.

*Orders can be canceled for any reason whatsoever at our sole discretion. In those rare cases all charges would be reversed immediately.

*Note that If a qualifying order is being shipped anywhere in the world during the free shipping promotion, and incurs a shipping cost to us of over $150, you may be contacted to arrange to pay any difference depending on the size of the order. We apologize and this should not affect 99.9% of orders but there are some more remote countries where the shipping costs are far more then shipping anywhere else. You will always have the option to cancel the order should we not be able to reach an agreement

If you have concerns, please contact me prior to placing your order.


Our Basic Return Policy

*Any and all full price clothing, and all clothing that has been discounted up to 10% off the regular price, are eligible for a refund less the actual shipping charges or full store credit or exchange with no shipping deductions made IF returned within our stated time periods.

*Any and all full price clothing, and all clothing that has been discounted over 10% and up to 25% off the regular price, are eligible for store credit or exchange OR a refund less the actual shipping charges and a 10% restocking fee.

*Exchanges are eligible for a full store credit of the garments purchased price with no shipping costs deducted if your purchase fell under a free shipping promotion. If you chose a shipping method that you were charged for this is not reimbursed or included in your store credit. Your new purchase will be re-shipped for free if it falls under the parameters of our free shipping promotion

*Refunds are given in the same method of payment, less the actual shipping cost paid by Shrimpton Couture, regardless of any free shipping promotions.

*Please note that for any client who has returned garments more then three times, a 20% restocking fee will apply after the third return and numerous returns after that may mean a loss of return privileges.

Please read the rest of this page for full details regarding returns.


Things You Cannot Return

*Items priced $150 or less.
*Any item purchased through a layaway plan.
*Jewelry, handbags, scarves, hats, shoes & anything else that would not be considered clothing.
*Sale items, items discounted and accepted offers sold for more than 25% off the regular list price.
*Any item sold through 1st Dibs - due to their policies & deductions we are unable to take returns from sales through 1st Dibs
*Antique and twenties pieces are exempt from return eligibility and are always final sale:

Antique and twenties pieces are packed for shipment exceedingly well and all flaws and imperfections noted in the descriptions. We only sell pieces that will stand up to the stress of shipping, however, having pieces potentially shipped multiple times through multiple customs and countries is too hard on garments that are historically important and deserve to be treated with love and care. I have had pieces come back damaged and the damage happened in the return shipping from improper packing of the return and/or the stress of multiple shipping and being banged around by the shipping companies. This has forced this new policy. Please remember that with couture pieces this may also have to be taken into consideration. Items that this applies to will have this noted in their individual descriptions. Please purchase accordingly and responsibly.



These circumstances will forfeit your right to return items normally eligible for return:

1. Returning items without notification by email to Shrimpton Couture that they are being returned.

Written notification must be sent within 24 hours from the receipt of the package at the ship to address. The 24 hour time frame is based on the delivery as stated by the tracking number information by the courier or postal service the package was sent by. There are no exceptions for travel, business or delays in opening unless arranged prior to shipping.

2. You notified Shrimpton Couture that you wished to make a return but subsequently failed to mail the returning item withing the 48 hour window allowed and the item is still in your possession after this time period has elapsed.

It is now your item and will be refused if it still is sent or only eligible for store credit less shipping and a 10% restocking fee if we agree to this. The time frames will be based on the tracking number information that you are responsible for provide to Shrimpton Couture by email within that 48 hour time period

3. You have removed the attached tags that every item is sent with, or you have removed and reattached the tags.

Every item is checked by a minimum of two people before it is sent to ensure it matches the description given and no item is sent without an attached tag. Nor are items sent with a tag loose in the box but not attached.

4. The item has obviously been worn since sent or is in any other condition then how it was sent.

Again a minimum of two check every item before they are sent and all flaws are noted in the item descriptions. If questioned, the description and the provided photographs in the listing will be what is referenced to decide the condition it was sent in.


We Reserve the Right

In addition, I, the owner of Shrimpton Couture and all its affiliates, reserve the full and absolute right to refuse store credit or a refund at my sole discretion for any item that falls under any and all circumstances and my decision is final. Any items attempted to be returned that do not meet my return policies will be refused and returned to you at your cost.

If goods are returned that meet our return policy but are received damaged in any way through any circumstances, no refund will be given until the damage is assessed and an estimate for repairs assessed. Once an estimate has been obtained it will be sent to you by email and you will receive any refund/credit owed less any of the following possible deductions which may include shipping, customs, repairs and cleaning. If items are deemed to be non-repairable they will be sent back to you and no refund will be given. Two people at minimum check and go over every item prior to sending so gross misrepresentation is an impossibility. Final decisions for this situation will be made and carried out within 15 days of receiving the item back.

Note that we sell through multiple channels and that means that very occasionally an item has been sold elsewhere before a sale was processed. In that case a full refund will be given including shipping. Also there are circumstances where a sale may not be completed due to unforeseen circumstances or the merchandise no longer be available. Again in that case a full refund will be given. Shrimpton Couture and Shrimpton Corporation can be held in no way legally responsible if completion of the sale and delivery of the goods cannot be made and we have provided a refund.


Use of Site

Note that by placing an order though this site and clicking the - I agree to the terms and conditions box -right before you confirm your order, you are automatically agreeing with all policies listed here and that agreement is legal and binding with no exceptions. If you do not agree to these terms please cease and desist using the site immediately.

I am very fair about returns and am one of the few dealers that will taken returns but I do have some parameters and timelines that I ask are adhered to quite strictly (see above). If you return an item within these parameters it is easy - you don't need a reason nor will you feel hassled in any way ever about having to return an item. That is my commitment to you. Yours to me is to follow my simple rules of return.

How to Return a Purchase

1. Email cherie@shrimptoncouture.com that you wish to return your garment within 24 hours of having received it.

If you do not send in an email notification the item will no longer be eligible for return and packages will be refused. Instructions on how to properly return your item will be provided by return email including the return address. There is a 48 hour window that begins when that instruction email has been sent, for you to get the item on its way back to Shrimpton Couture. The original tag must still be attached and the item returned in the same condition it was sent.

2. Items must be mailed back within 2 business days, or 48 hours of receiving your emailed return instructions from Shrimpton Couture.

Return packages should be sent by a trackable method - tracking is highly recommended as lost packages are your responsibility. That tracking number should be sent to us as soon as you have it so we know the item is on the way back and that you have met your obligations of our return policy. A refund will not be given if you mail it by a method that has no tracking and the package never arrives and it will be your responsibility to try to recoup your loss. Items still in your possession after 2 business days from delivery are no longer eligible for return under any circumstances.

If a return is negotiated after the return window has expired, store credit will be set up for the original amount less shipping and a 25% restocking fee.


Exchanges, Credits and Refunds

For an exchange or credit

You will be assigned a code that can be used for any future purchase(s) once the item has been received by us. Your credit can be used for all or part of any item, and it will be applied to your total new order, including shipping (if applicable). Exchange codes are given in US$ currency & are based on the full original paid price of the garment in US$ funds with no shipping deductions if shipped under our standard shipping. If a faster service was requested this may be deducted. No restocking fee is deducted from store credits given. Credit codes have a one year expiry date.

For a refund

You will be credited in the original manner the payment was processed and in the currency it was processed in (USD$) for the price sold to you when purchased, less the original cost of shipping, even if shipped under a free shipping promotion. After three returns you will be charged a 20% restocking fee. If returns continue to be excessive you may no longer be allowed to return purchased items

All credits/refunds are processed within 48 hours of receipt of the returning garment based on the delivery date found through the tracking information you provide.


Shipping Cost

All refunds are based on the original price and the actual postage costs incurred to ship an item to you will be deducted from your refund/credit. Actual costs are deducted even if the item was shipped under a free shipping promotion or any other circumstance. Receipts will be provided upon request by email. If items are returned, you will have that actual amount we spent to get your item to you deducted from your order with no exceptions. Receipts for the actual amount paid for shipping will be provided by email when your credit or refund is issued upon request. In the case of multiple orders with a returns of part of that multiple order only, the original shipping charge will be deducted and then the refund/credit given as per the terms above.


Customs Fees, Duties and Taxes

Customs fees, duties & taxes incurred in either direction of the transaction are not refundable and we will deduct any customs fees from your refund/credit that is incurred to us to be able to sign for your returned item. Documentation will be provided by email for this deduction as a scan of the receipt upon request.



If store credit is used to pay for a new order in part or in full, and that consequent new order is returned, your refund will be given in the same manner used and a new credit issued and/or combined with any other means to complete that transaction as per the above terms.

All store credits and refunds will only be processed when the item is received and assessed to be in its original condition.

If an item is accepted as a return outside of any of the above parameters you may forfeit up 50% of its original value and you will be issued store credit only. This is determined on case by case basis.

Returns cost money for everyone. One simple set of rules for all is the fair solution for all. Please purchase knowing that these are the rules.

Please make sure that you have asked all questions and checked your measurements before making your purchases - we are here to help and will answer fast - promise!

Also remember that we sell one of a kind garments, rare & valuable items and the longer an item is out and not available the greater the chance of it getting damaged or just not being here for another girl who would have loved it.




Setting up a layaway is super easy and we are happy to provide this service!

To set up a layaway on any item on the site, or items:

We require a deposit of 25% + shipping (shipping is only added to items/orders whose total value does not qualify for free shipping)

50% of the remaining balance will be due two weeks from the date of the initial deposit.

The final payment is due two weeks after the second payment.



Use the contact link above and send me the following information:

  • *The item(s), with the item number, or a link to the items, that you wish to layaway
  • *The address, including a phone number, that your layaway will ship to when payments are complete if you are a new client - if you have purchased with us before we should already have your information

We will then email you an invoice ASAP and the items are yours! Payments can be made using any of our usual payment methods - Visa, MasterCard, Amex or PayPal.

If you are a regular client who has a record of successful transactions and layaways and wish to set up a plan that is outside of the above terms please feel free to email.



As soon as we receive the deposit that means you have agreed to all terms set forth on this page.

Items are not marked sold until the initial deposit has been received

Items purchased through layaway are final sale and any & all payments made are non-refundable

Payments which are not completed within the mutually agreed upon period may be forfeited and the items in question re-listed. We make every effort to accommodate our clients so please contact us if there are any problems or delays at your end once a layaway is underway.

If you forfeit on a layaway you may no longer use this service in the future unless we mutually agree. Persons that have a history of non payment on layaway items will have those privileges revoked

Please do not set up a layaway unless you are confident that you can make the proper payments - shopping completely out of one's budget is never encouraged.



Holds are a tricky thing since everything is one of a kind. I do understand that sometimes you cannot get to your computer to complete your purchase so here is the policy on holds that I think is fair.

If you are a new client and have not purchased with me before I will hold an item on the What's New page for 3 hours and any other item for 6 hours.

If you are a repeat client then you may hold any item for a 24 hour period. Very occasionally I will extend that time period depending on our individual relationship and the circumstances.

Persons that have a history of asking to hold items and then not purchasing, especially without touching base will have hold privileges revoked. Sale & reduced items are not eligible for holds.


Loans and Rentals

We do not rent out garments. Loaning of garments is generally not done but we have made exceptions for red carpet events and editorials at our discretion. Please contact us with your request.


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