Doing a closet clean out? Have an estate to clear out? Need to make room for new treasures?

Come sell your gorgeous vintage pieces to us!

How does it work?

It's super simple! Email us and let us know what you have. We will get you to send a quick snapshot of what you have along with a price for each garment that you would like to get and we can go from there - easy peasy. If you are in Canada and within a reasonable distance to us, we can arrange to meet if you have a large collection to review. Expect to have us edit out items that are not right for the shop. Items sell very quickly at Shrimpton Couture and part of that success is that Cherie personally chooses every piece that gets listed. In general we do not buy, or are interested in, heavily flawed garments and we can be snobs when it comes to fabrics and construction. It does not necessarily have to be a labeled piece, but it does have to be fabulous, unique and wonderful!

Items should be sent cleaned but if you don't have a trustworthy cleaners we can arrange to have them cleaned for you here. Our cleaners are top notch and are capable of handling high end, couture and antique garments. We just don't sell or store uncleaned vintage so note that whether they are sent cleaned or not will have to be taken into account when you give us pricing!

Generally we prefer to buy vs consigning. We have done consignemnt in the past but have found that an outright buy works best for everyone. However, we will consider a consignment arrangement on a case to case basis if asked.

If, upon arrival an item is found not suitable, or other then described, it will be sent back to you - this is rare but it can happen. To avoid this just make sure to tell us all and any details that might keep us from loving it!

Well what are you waiting for? Pull out your smart phone and take a snapshot of your to-die-for vintage today so a new girl can give take it out on the town!!

Here is a list of just a few of the designers we love BUT we also love well made unlabelled pieces and if a designer is not on the list below but the garment is fabulous we would still love to see it. In general we are looking for high quality turn of the century to 1990s pieces. We will, occasionally, look at newer items too but prefer that they are runway or important pieces - think "is this a future vintage piece?" And we love anything Hermes, Chanel or any of the other mega designers!