We offer flat rate Standard UPS shipping worldwide. All shipping options are displayed at checkout in the pull down menus provided.

Want it faster?

We offer flat rates for expedited and express shipping options - these will also display at check out and can be selected with the drop down menu during the checkout process.


Canadian and USA destinations

Shipments are sent by UPS for a flat rate and are sent by standard UPS delivery. This gets your package to you between 1-3 days for most destinations in Canada and 3-5 days for most USA destinations. Flat express rates for either country are also available and can be selected from the pull down menu during the checkout process.


Overseas Destinations

Shipments are sent by UPS for flat rates when the total order before shipping fees is equal to $500US or more. Packages are sent by standard UPS delivery which gets your package to you between 4-7 business days for most destinations. Orders under $500 will also ship for a flat rate displayed at checkout. Need it faster? Flat express rates are also available and can be selected from the pull down menu during the checkout process.



Other things you need to know

Overnight orders must be received before 11am Eastern Standard Time and the actual delivery time is dependent on clearing customs.

Every parcel is sent with tracking and you will be given the tracking information within 24 hours of your package being shipped.

All orders are normally shipped within 24 hours from receipt of cleared payment, though occasionally it may be 48 hours till we can ship your item(s).

Delivery times are estimates only and should be used a guide. Delivery times start from the date when the item is dispatched and accepted/scanned with UPS.

Sometimes items will incur additional taxes, tariffs, duties or customs fees when shipping to another country. All associated costs are the sole responsibility of the buyer. Shrimpton Couture cannot be held responsible for any of these extra costs. Shipping fees, duties, customs and all costs over and above the actual cost of the item will not be reimbursed under any circumstances.

Shrimpton Couture is not responsible for any delays caused by destination customs clearance processes or your local postal service. We are not responsible for any lost packages under any circumstances. If you have concerns you must request full insurance coverage or it is your sole responsibility to accept the loss. Unless insurance is requested for the full value, lost packages will not be reimbursed. If you provide the wrong address or move or are not there to pick up the package and it is lost subsequently - Shrimpton Couture will not reimburse your shipping or order costs. If you do request insurance and an item is lost you will be reimbursed once the claim has been processed and monies are received by Shrimpton Couture.

Returned items always have the actual shipping deducted including items sent under any free shipping promotions. Please read our full Return Policy for more details.

During times of free shipping promotions or in cases when the shipping costs are far greater then what we anticipated, we have the right to refuse any sale or negotiate for additional shipping to be paid where shipping costs exceed $100 at our sole discretion. We apologize and this should not affect 99.9% of orders but there are some more remote countries where the shipping costs are far more then shipping anywhere else. You will always have the option to cancel the order should we not be able to reach an agreement

If your country is not on our ship-to list when you place your order, contact us to see if we can ship to you.

We do not ship to high fraud risk countries and all orders are accessed by our security service prior to shipping.

Orders can be canceled for any reason whatsoever at our sole discretion. In those rare cases all charges would be reversed immediately.

If you have concerns, please contact me prior to placing your order.



What you can return and exchange:

All eligible clothing that was sold at full price and that has been returned with proper notice and within the parameters and time frames of our policies stated here on this page


What you cannot return at all:

Any items listed on the site and purchased for $250 or less
Any item purchased through a layaway plan
Any accessory, jewellery or footwear item
Any items sold at a discount
Any item sold through our 1st Dibs storefront
Any item older than 1929
Any sent item that has been worn or had its hang tag removed or replaced
Any received purchased item that is past the stated return time period found on this page
Any item that has a 'no return' policy specifically noted within the product description, including, but not limited to fur & feather pieces.


To be eligible to send back an item:

Email cherie@shrimptoncouture.com within 24 hours of receipt of your package. In case of a dispute of this policy the time frame will be determined by the delivery date and time on UPS.com

Leave the hang tags on the items and don't wear it out - removal or wearing of the item, makes it ineligible for return. You will be sent a return UPS label and customs forms that you will need to print out. You are responsible for dropping off to a UPS location. Once you have received the forms you have a two day window to get it on the way back to us. That date will be provided in the instruction email. If that window passes, your items are no longer eligible for return. There is a flat $75 fee to cover all shipping costs that will be deducted from any refunds for orders placed in Canada or the US. International orders will have a flat $150 fee deducted to cover all actual shipping costs. Note that for certain locations there may be an additional charge. Most commonly these are for Russia and most places in the Middle East due to the extreme cost of shipping to those countries


Exchanges Made Super simple

If you have already let us know what item you want to exchange your purchase for we will have already had it on hold ready to ship once your return arrives. If you need a few days to decide we will just issue you a store credit so you can buy your replacement item at your leisure. We are also happy to do a partial exchange and issue the remainder due to you as a store credit or refund - just ask!


Want store credit to shop payment free later?

If you prefer a store credit/exchange for the original just let us know and within 48 hours of receipt of the returned item, you will be assigned a code that can be used for any future purchase(s). Your credit can be used for all or part of any item, and it will be applied to your total new order, including shipping (if applicable). Exchange codes are given based on what you paid for the returned item(s) less the shipping charges as per our policy above. Credit codes have a one year expiry date.


Prefer a refund? We can do that

Eligible returns will be refunded less the stated shipping charges above regardless of free shipping promotions. Within two business days of receipt of the returned item (Monday through Friday during standard 9-5 business hours), you will be credited in the original manner the payment was processed, for the price of the item when purchased, less the shipping fee as per our policy above, even if shipped under a free shipping promotion. Refunds are not processed on the weekends.


The nitty gritty on our return policy:

As an effort to keep our returns to a minimum we will charge a 20% restocking fee after three items have been returned in a one year time period from the same client/address. Numerous returns beyond this, within that same time period may mean a loss of return privileges.

Returned items that do not meet our return policies above may be refused and returned to you at your cost or we may negotiate to accept them, less the original shipping costs, with a 20% restocking fee applied and an issuance of store credit only. This is determined on case by case basis.

If goods are returned that are received damaged in any way through any circumstances, including the shipping method you chose to send by, no refund will be given until the damage is assessed and an estimate for repairs assessed. Once an estimate has been obtained it will be sent to you by email and you will receive any refund/credit owed less any of the following possible deductions which may include shipping, customs, repairs and cleaning or the full cost of the garment if deemed beyond repair. If items are deemed to be non-repairable they will be sent back to you and no refund will be given.

We sell some of our items through 1st Dibs and that means that very occasionally an item may have been sold there and not yet marked sold on our website. In that case a full refund will be given including any shipping paid. There also may be unforeseen circumstances where a sale may not be completed or merchandise is no longer be available. A full refund will be given including any shipping paid should this occur.

Shrimpton Couture and Shrimpton Corporation can be held in no way legally responsible if completion of the sale and delivery of the goods cannot be made and we have provided a refund.

By placing an order though this site and clicking the - I agree to the terms and conditions box - right before you confirm your order, you are automatically agreeing with all policies listed here and that agreement is legal and binding with no exceptions. If you do not agree to these terms please cease and desist using the site immediately.

In the case of multiple purchases made within an order, with a returns of part of that multiple order, the deduction of our shipping fee may be waived when the return value is less then 50% of the original order

Customs fees, duties & taxes incurred in either direction of the transaction are not refundable and we will deduct any customs fees from your refund/credit that is incurred by us to be able to sign for your returned item. Documentation will be provided by email for this deduction as a scan of the receipt upon request.

If store credit is used to pay for a new order in part or in full, and that new order is then returned, your refund will be given in the same manner used and a new credit issued and/or combined with any other means to complete that transaction as per the above terms.




Setting up a layaway is super easy and we are happy to provide this service!

Here's how deposits work on a standard layaway:

  • We require three equal payments of the layaway total. You will be invoiced for the first amount upon request
  • payment two of the remaining balance will be billed two weeks from the date of the initial deposit.
  • The final payment is due two weeks after the second payment.
  • items less then $500, or that are on sale, require a 50% deposit with the final payment due in two weeks from the date of deposit 



Using the "Ask a question" link found within each item's listing on the site, let us know that you would like to layaway an item. If you want to layaway more then one item just let us now in the note which items you are asking about

    We will then email you an invoice directly to your inbox with a link to complete your payment. Payments can be made using any of our usual payment methods - Visa, MasterCard, American Express or PayPal.

    If you are a regular client who has a record of successful transactions and layaway's and wish to set up a plan that is outside of the above terms please feel free to email.



    As soon as we receive the deposit that means you have agreed to all terms set forth on this page.

    Items are not marked sold until the initial deposit has been received

    Items purchased through layaway are final sale and any & all payments made are non-refundable

    Payments which are not completed within the mutually agreed upon period may be forfeited and the items in question re-listed. We make every effort to accommodate our clients so please contact us if there are any problems or delays at your end once a layaway is underway.

    If you forfeit on a layaway you may no longer use this service in the future unless we mutually agree. Persons that have a history of non payment on layaway items will have those privileges revoked

    Sale items in general are not eligible for layaway but we will make exceptions for existing clients and if we are asked nicely. Please email us and decisions will be made on a case by case basis.

    Please do not set up a layaway unless you are confident that you can make the proper payments - shopping completely out of one's budget is never encouraged.



    Holds are a tricky thing since everything is one of a kind. I do understand that sometimes you cannot get to your computer to complete your purchase so here is the policy on holds that I think is fair.

    If you are a new client and have not purchased with me before I will hold an item for 6 hours except items on the What's New page.

    If you are a repeat client then you may hold any item for a 24 hour period, except items on the What's New page, with some exceptions made client to client dependent. Very occasionally I will extend that time period depending on our individual relationship and the circumstances.

    Persons that have a history of asking to hold items and then not purchasing, especially without touching base will have hold privileges revoked. Sale & reduced items are not eligible for holds.


    Loans and Rentals

    We do not rent out garments. Loaning of garments is generally not done but we have made exceptions for red carpet events and editorials at our discretion. Unfortunately we are no longer lending to Canadian magazine or creative due to unwarranted backlash from modelling agencies. Please contact us with your request.


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    Carmen Haid in a 1970s Chanel Dress from Shrimpton Couture!
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    Julie Delibran in Vintage Yves Saint Laurent
    Irina Sherbakova in 1960s Dress from Shrimpton Couture!
    Emma Watson in a Vintage Yves Saint Laurent Suit
    Stella Alexandru in a 1930s Hand Knit Sweater from Shrimpton Couture!
    Tatiana Sorokko in Vintage Michael Vollbracht
    Kukula in a Vintage Laura Ashley Dress
    Laura McLaws Helms in a Vintage Ossie Clark Dress
    Nicki Minaj in a 1980s Yves Saint Laurent Fur Coat
    Berrak Tuzunatac in a 1980s Dress
    Esme Peach in a 1970s Silk Turquoise Gown from Shrimpton Couture!
    Berit Paton Reid in a 1960s Malcolm Starr Dress from Shrimpton Couture!
    Stella Alexandru in 1960s Chanel Couture
    Amina Muaddi in a Vintage Jacket
    Emma Roberts in "Vintage"/Archival Armani Prive
    Vi Rowshankish in a 1960s Geoffrey Beene Dress from Shrimpton Couture!
    Jennifer Doctors in 1960s Couture Hanae Mori Pants from Shimpton Couture!
    Trina Turk in a 1980s Morton Myles Dress
    Ali Peat in a 1960s Larry Aldrich Dress from Shrimpton Couture!
    Kelly Connor in a Vintage Kimono from Shrimpton Couture!
    Nancy Balbirer in a 1970s Bill Blass Dress from Shrimpton Couture!
    Lisa Eldridge in a Vintage Dior Blouse
    Carmen Haid in a 1970s Yves Saint Laurent Dress from Shrimpton Couture!
    Noor Fares in a Vintage Thea Porter Dress
    Michelle Obama in a Vintage Dior Belt
    Jennifer Tilly in a 1920s Chinese Silk Coat
    Charlotte Groeneveld in Vintage Chanel Earrings
    Chaoqiu He (left) in a Vintage Jumpsuit from Shrimpton Couture!
    Nicole in a 1960s Teal Traina Dress from Shrimpton Couture!
    Berit Paton Reid in a 1970s Chanel Haute Couture Jacket from Shrimpton Couture!
    Dee Ocleppo in a Vintage Alexander McQueen Gown and Donald Brooks Coat from Shrimpton Couture!
    Miley Cyrus in a 1960s Pedro Rodriguez Jumpsuit & Cape Set from Shrimpton Couture!
    Lynn Ban in 1986 Thierry Mugler
    Anjli Patel in a 1960s Pierre Cardin Dress from Shrimpton Couture!
    Sofia Sanchez de Betak in a Vintage Dior Kimono
    Amanda Miller (left) in a Vintage Pucci Dress
    Jane Aldridge in a 1980s Norma Kamali Jumpsuit
    Priyanka in a 1970s Yves Saint Laurent Jacket from Shrimpton Couture!
    Zoe Buckman in Vintage Tom Ford
    Karen Fairchild in a 1960s Andre Murasan Cape from Shrimpton Couture!
    Vi Rowshankish in a Vintage Dress
    Laura McLaws Helms in a 1973 Bill Gibb dress
    Mariana Dantec in a Vintage Kimono
    Tammara in Vintage Scaasi from Shrimpton Couture!
    Poppy Delevingne in a Vintage Kimono
    Tatiana Santo Domingo (on left) in a 1960s Bill Blass Dress from Shrimpton Couture!
    Margherita Missoni in a 1960s Missoni Dress
    Nadia Pizzimenti in a Vintage Dress from Shrimpton Couture!
    Katie Rost in a Vintage Bob Mackie Gown
    Leta (in red) in a 1960s Dress from Shrimpton Couture!
    Stella Aminova in a Vintage Dior Dress
    Tracee Ellis Ross in a S/S 1983 Thierry Mugler Dress from Shrimpton Couture!
    Stella Alexandru in a Vintage Romanian Dress
    Erin Hazelton in Vintage Bill Blass from Shrimpton Couture!
    Giovanna Battaglia in a Vintage Valentino Dress
    Indré Rockefeller in Vintage Hanae Mori Dress from Shrimpton Couture!
    Beatrix Ost in a Vintage Fortuny Dress
    Cherie Stuff in a Vintage Pucci Dress
    Margherita Missoni in Vintage Ossie Clark
    Sabine Getty in 1988 Thierry Mugler
    Lynn Bann in an A/W 1969 Haute Couture Yves Saint Laurent Dress
    Jacqueline Lopez in a Vintage Kimono
    Abigail in Vintage Givenchy from Shrimpton Couture!
    Kara Alloway in Vintage Valentino from Shrimpton Couture!
    Elizabeth Cabral in a Vintage Gucci Scarf
    Laura Brown in Vintage Geoffrey Beene
    Kate Moss in Vintage Halston
    Nicky Worth in a 1970s Bill Blass Dress from Shrimpton Couture!
    Dr. Lisa Airan in Vintage Fortuny
    Georgiana Boboc in an all Vintage Outfit
    Kerry Pieri in a Vintage Oscar de la Renta Caftan
    Marpessa Hennink in a 1960s Alfred Bosand Gown from Shrimpton Couture!
    Elina Halimi in a Vintage Jacket and a Vintage Balenciaga Shirt
    Ali Peat in a 1970s Mac Tac Dress from Shrimpton Couture!
    Carmen Haid in a Vintage Dress
    Samantha Angelo in a Vintage Silk Bomber Jacket
    Giovanna Battaglia in a vintage Yves Saint Laurent Morocco Collection Caftan
    Audrey Louise Reynolds in a Victorian Wedding Dress
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