Zendaya in a 1972 Bill Blass Dress from Shrimpton Couture

Posted by Cherie
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Sometimes the universe lines up and miracles happen. I always feel like it is a little bit of a miracle when anything pulled by Vogue ends up being used. I don't know if you have seen any behind the scenes shots of a Vogue pull but the clothes literally can fill a large room and from the hundreds of selections only a few things make it into the shoot.

So when I sent off a box of vintage at the request of the girls over there, I was hopeful but expecting nothing. Months rolled by and then one day last week I was scrolling through Vogue.com and there it was - the 1972 Bill Blass from the shop making its appearance in the video "Beauty by the Decades" starring none other then Zendaya!

Zendaya looks spectacular in it and I can only hope that she knows that she is carrying forward the provenance of this dress. It's twin after all was already in Vogue back in 1972 - on none other then Angelica Huston.

A huge huge thank you to the entire team over at Vogue and also to Zendaya for making it looks so amazing once again.

Click here to see the original full video on vogue.com >




Documented 1972 Bill Blass Dress as Seen on Anjelica Huston - (sold)


Anjelica Huston in Bill Blass for Vogue, September 1972. Photo by Richard Avedon


 A behind the scenes clip from Zendaya’s Vogue shoot. Special thanks to Jordana Bickham (Fashion Editor, Vogue)


Love to Zendaya and the entire team that put this together and a special thank you to Kirby Marzec .... so thrilled to see my vintage on such a knockout!  Director: Bardia Zeinali  |  Fashion Editor: Jordan Bickham  |  DP: Fletcher Wolfe  |  Hair: Jawara  |  Makeup: Pat McGrath  |  Manicure: Honey NYC  |  Set Design: Nicholas Des Jardins  |  Editor: William Town

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