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Lady Diana Spencer in haute Sloane mode.



Editor’s note: Last week we did a special spotlight on James Galanos to mark his passing. I liked the idea of having this “themed” week in addition to our regular content that I thought I would try it again with Princess Diana. While the late Princess is never far from our hearts, she is especially in our thoughts lately with the advent of the soon to be launched exhibit "Diana: Her Fashion Story" at Kensington Palace. Again we have gathered some of the best of the stories around the web this week in celebration of this coming exhibit and will share them with you all this week. Enjoy! xx Cherie


Princess Diana was one of the most photographed women of her time, in part because she was engaged with fashion. Certainly her support of British designers such as David and Elizabeth Emanuel, Bruce Oldfield, Catherine Walker, and Zandra Rhodes was patriotic, but it never felt forced or fake. (Neither, for that matter, did her philanthropy, expressed with compassion and deeds rather than words.) The Princess wasn’t one to follow trends, and her style choices were in keeping with royal protocol while still seeming personal. She was known, for example, to like bright colors, and would often dress to match the flags of the countries she visited.

Diana became increasingly fashion savvy as she evolved from a feather-haired Sloane-y ingenue to the ultimately tragic “Queen of Hearts.” Her wardrobe reflected the stages of her life and growing confidence, and will be given the museum treatment next year when “Diana: Her Fashion Story” opens on February 24 at the Piggott Gallery at Kensington Palace. In anticipation of the upcoming exhibition, we’ve selected the 25 looks we hope will be on display. 

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(L) Diana accessorizes a Peruvian sweater with Wellies at Craigowen Lodge.  /  (R) In a romantic and ruffled Emanuel gown on her wedding day.



Diana wore an off-the-rack suit that complemented her ring for the couple’s official engagement portrait.



(L) On point at a polo match, 1983.  /  (R) In Bruce Oldfield in Australia.



In Burberry trenches in Nova Scotia.



(L) In Bruce Oldfield in Australia.  /  (R) In Emanuel in Melbourne.



In a deep blue velvet Victor Edelstein in Washington.

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