Vintage News | Look Inside Valentino’s Glamorous and Bohemian Homes in Vogue

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Valentino pictured in the library of his Roman apartment.



May 11, 2017 — “Well ordered, exact, superbly detailed, and alive with fantasie.” Could that phrase not be used describe a Valentino collection today? Indeed, it could, but these words were in fact first employed to introduce Valentino Garavani’s Roman rooftop apartment to readers of the April 1970 issue of Vogue. Inside, opulent reds were seen juxtaposed with cool, modern rooms, and tents abounded. The man himself appears clad in his 1970s finest. Flash-forward to the August 1974 issue, and you’ll see Garavani’s rus in urbe villa near the Appian Way. It’s not dissimilar from its city counterpart—a friend of the designer’s described the house’s rooms as being “like a succession of movie sets.” And it certainly is a bohemian sight to behold. But in the decades since, Caravan's style only improved with age. So today, in honor of his 85th birthday, we’re exploring his homes in Vogue.

Below, a look inside Valentino Garavani’s homes in Vogue, as photographed by Horst P. Horst for Vogue, August 1974.  

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The swimming pool and pavilion of Valentino’s Appian Way home, seen at night.



Another view of the library, which includes a small terrace.



The home’s predominantly white living room features a colorful painting by Dorazio.



An indoor tent, which is situated in an alcove off the living room.



The home’s red dining room.



A silver sculpture of fish and fruit sits on top of the glass dining room table.



The small dining room of Valentino’s Roman home is cordoned off thanks to a green and white striped tent.



Valentino designed the red print seen throughout his guest bedroom.



More than eight years later, Valentino was photographed once again by Horst P. Horst in his Roman home.



The salon room of Valentino’s Appian Way home, which features a white pyramidal shaped fire place.



Leopard skin rugs from the designer’s bathroom.



The library, which includes a Botero painting.



This bedroom, which features a four-post bed made out of twisted bamboo and an Indian bedspread, was designed by Stefano Mantovani.

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