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Although Marilyn Monroe certainly lived her life in the spotlight, there were still some private moments she was able to keep out of the public eye. But now, Milton H. Greene, a fashion and celebrity photographer and friend of the Hollywood icon, is giving a peek into Monroe's daily life with new intimate footage that includes scenes from her third wedding reception (shown above starting around the 2:27 mark).

Married at 16 for the first time (and divorced four years later), Monroe went on to tie the knot with Joe DiMaggio in 1954 (the couple divorced in 1955). But one year after that it was playwright Arthur Miller in the role of groom. In Greene's video, courtesy of Vanity Fair, the starlet — relaxed and out of the spotlight — kisses her new husband and greets guests at the wedding. Other scenes show her dancing romantically with her beau, rehearsing movie scenes and posing on a bed during a photo shoot. 

Greene, who also photographed well-known stars like Elizabeth Taylor and Audrey Hepburn, is best known for his shots of Monroe. After meeting at a photo shoot, the two struck up what would become a lifelong friendship. The film, which will be shown on loop at the Morrison Hotel Gallery at the Sunset Marquis Hotel in West Hollywood, accompanies other behind-the-scenes images of Monroe, captured by Greene.

"They spent a lot of time together and she often ran to Milton and his family for an escape from the pressures of Hollywood," Timothy White, the co-owner of the gallery, told Vanity Fair. "With that trust came the access and opportunity for Milton to be with her and to photograph her freely. He became a trusted confidant who always had his still and movie camera with him as he documented her life."

The exhibit, titled "Some Like It Hot," runs July 16 through July 24.

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