This Year's Sun Dressing for This Year's Woman

Posted by Laura
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Cleanest cut of a white dinner dress—tank top, long bias skirt, and new twists—sculpturings of brown leather, tipped with gold, making a belt, bracelet, necklace. Photographed at the Haleakala crater of Maui, 10,500 feet up, where remarkable cloud formations are part of the daily show. Dress by Anne Klein; about $90. Choker, bracelet, belt at Cartier.



Sometimes I feel like I post too many beachy, swimwear editorials on here—but really, who doesn't love to see an exotic location and some bright summery clothes on a cold day? Though most people know Helmut Newton for his fetishistic, indoor images—all high heels and lingerie—my personal favourites are photographs he took on location, in nature. While I've posted one of his stories shot in Florida on here before (for Vogue, January 1975), Hawaii was obviously a favourite of Newton and Vogue's editor-in-chief, Grace Mirabella—he photographed in Hawaii for the January issues of Vogue for three years: 1972, 1973 and 1974. The moon-like landscape of Maui provides the ideal background for the kind of dramatic images Newton was known for—except here the drama is provided by the setting, not the erotic overtones. As for the clothes, they are an interesting mix of playful seersucker dresses, cute tailored separates, and sleek swimsuits. It's all fun and flirty—if I someday make it to Maui, this editorial would definitely serve as both my packing list and sightseeing guide.


Cynthia Korman and Emmanuelle photographed by Helmut Newton for Vogue, January 1972.



Coming up like thunder against the storm-lit hills of Maui: the news of plaid seersucker to put a zing in summer wherever it is. (The two here, on a Maui sugar-cane plantation, making life twice as bright for Tim Morrow, owner of one of the Islands' most exquisite jade collections)...
Plaid seersucker cut out for late day and evening, left, in sunny yellow and violet, very bare in back, slit up the sides... Halter dress by Boutique Donald Brooks. About $95.
Seersucker by day—the snappiest little pants tailleur with a trim blazer plaided in orange, red, yellow, and violet, with a violet knit shirt underneath... Pants suit by Kasper for J.L. Sport. Blazer, about $75. Pants, about $42. Cotton shirt, about $28. 



When there's a man you want to feel very pretty for, this is the dress you want—pale, blowy garden-party flowers on sheer white georgette, ruffled at the edges and tied with a soft white kidskin sash. Lilly Pulitzer nylon dress. About $85.



First-class traveler: tank-top sweatery white knit—just enough dress to get around in the sun, any way you do it—by foot, car, or the Maui-bound chopper here. Knit dress by Zerlina Juniors. About $40.



Describing a good figure and a good tan: turtleneck maillot in ribbed off-white knit—the sweater to swim in (arriving at its natural destination via an island-hopper chopper, headed for the beach at Kaanapali, on Maui; Molokai island in the background)... Wool maillot by Lil for Knap, about $55.



What standing on your head won't do for your figure, this maillot will: a sleeking, saddle-stitched stretch of brown, shaping up here in a natural gym—the beach of the royal Lahaina Hotel, at Kaanapali, on Maui. Robby Len maillot. About $17.



Black knit and patches of bright crochet: a maillot with no visible means of support—for the figure that needs none (such as the self-supporting type here, chopper-hanging over the unchoppy waters off Maui). Maillot by Lil for Knap. About $55.



Strapless black sweater with all the easy, good looks you want in a sweater plus all the allure of bareness. With a matching cardigan and printed slit skirt in rust, ivory, black—if you love to dress in separates, this will bring your resort life close to heaven (here, over 10,000 feet closer, at the edge of Maui's Haleakala Crater)... Turnout by Adri for Clothes Circuit. Strapless sweater and cardigan. About $35. Cotton skirt, about $35.



The most bareness, the most cover: black jersey bikini top, black cardigan, and rust pants—everything stitched, lined, buttoned in yellow—terrific look for the girl with a sense of adventure. (This bold spirit,, inside Haleakala Crater, roping her way out)... Woolmark turnout by 499 Division of Kloss-Pruzan. About $125.



The print shirtdress, top left inset, to wear for bright sunny days, soft balmy nights—any hour, anywhere it's summer: violet and white with a narrow sash, shirttail hem—summering here at the Royal Lahaina Hotel in Maui. Shirtdress by Beene Bag. About $32.
A little apron-dress in pink-and-white striped seersucker, left main, with crisscross straps in back—very fresh, clean way to get into your day—with the help of a good breakfast, a good book—and a good friend to set up the breezy little coif you want for life in any easy-going sun place, such as that at Maui's Royal Lahaina Hotel. Dress by Pat Ashley for John Meyer. About $22.
Seersucker for swimmers, right main, and for sometime hairdressers—nifty pink-and-white striped bikini with string ties on top. And its own cover—a long matching shirt, blue stripes on the yoke and cuffs—to put on when you've had enough sun (here, draped over the chair). Seersucker cotton turnout by Pat Ashley for John Meyer. Bikini, about $16; shirt, about $26.
Plaid seersucker pinafore—ruffled yellow-and-black with a high bib front and its back to the sun—on its way to a Maui pineapple field. Pinafore-dress by Oscar de la Renta Boutique. About $110.



Bathing suits down to the bare bones—two little striplings, both dark brown here, for soaking up a brilliant sky's-worth of sun, or strolling along the four miles of Kaanapali beach, or testing one's strength at arm-wrestling. Winning, here? Both, we think...
A maillot, left, with straps crossed over the shoulders, a long stretch of bare spine, a V-neck in the front. Maillot by Monika for Elon; about $25. A bikini, right, with pretty-shaped bra, adjustable ties at the sides of the pants. Bikini by Rose Marie Reid; about $16.



Skin, when it's not immersed in such pleasant waters as those that lap the beach in Kaanapali, on Maui, wisely covers up in the sun...as here: An Ethiopian man's shirt, inset—short white cotton, all slits and slashes—neat and easy on doggiest days (Charlie the Dane gets the message). By Maxime de La Falaise for Blousecraft; about $52.
Amphibious stripes: a brown-and-white shirt-y maillot that swims like a fish—but is never a fish out of water (as demonstrated—entrancingly—here). Gottex of Israel. About $14.



Two for the no-show (when enough's enough): Long white wool jersey, piped like a man's dressing gown, to wrap and sash over a tiny navy bikini. Woolmark robe by Bill Tice for Royal; about $66. Jantzen navy bikini; about $20. Long white terry, to blot out the sun, blot up the sea. Catalina robe. About $30.



Off-shore sun-dressing of the easiest kind—perfectly acceptable for strolling in Lahaina-town (as we Mauians say)...
A little midriff top on the stroller, inset left, tied at the bosom, short sleeves rolled shorter. With a mid-calf skirt that swings open from a small strip of buttons. Both, khaki cotton.  
A shirt like a dapper French baker's, inset right—smocked at the shoulders, with long sleeves rolled up, buttons halfway down. This, and its short cuffed shorts, blue cotton. All, by Foxrun. Khaki outfit: top, $9; skirt, $16. Blue Outfit: shirt, $14; shorts, $12.

Ripping down the runway of the Maui airport in a beach buggy, two little knitted action suits. (What matter if hair blows now—the hairdresser, Francois, is at the wheel).
Riding front, speedy stripes in various widths of navy and white acrylic knit, making a long top and separate shorts; a white shirt emerging at neck and sleeves. Striped knit outfit by Jaeger. Top, about $20; shorts, about $15.
Holding the surfboard, a white ribbed jumpsuit of polyester knit with long front zipper, red ribbed belt.Jumpsuit by Jantzen; about $24.

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