The Pucci Woman

Posted by Amanda
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All Photos by Erin Leydon.


The Pucci woman is free. She's confident, comfortable, fun. She's multi-faceted, light-spirited & cheeky. She's a modern girl who has an appreciation for the past. 

The Pucci woman seeks the sun & cool's by the Mediterranean. She joins the nightly passeggiata, dressed brightly & colourfully. She is not afraid of high-heels.

The Pucci woman dresses loudly. When she enters a room, she wants to make sure she's seen. Her clothing effortlessly follows the natural curves of her body - highlighting Emilio Pucci's love of the female form.

When I slipped on this incredible late 50s Pucci print set, I felt the power of the Pucci woman. The top, seamed with an inner built-in bodice - created an hourglass shape, which although hyper-feminine, wasn't constricting. Emilio Pucci was driven by the desire to liberate women through the freedom of movement. His pieces, usually stretch silk (like this nylon-silk mix), were wrinkle-proof & easy to move in. Designed for the new generation of modern, active, jet-set women.

This is *the* ultimate set to throw into your carry-on & head straight to the Mediterranean with.

Compari, per favore!  



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