The Challenge: Making an OTT Halston Feel Cool

Posted by Amanda
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All photos by Erin Leydon.


A note from Cherie:
I just wanted to pop a note to let you know that we are switching up Amanda's regular bi-weekly column a little bit. Way back when I first met Amanda I was instantly impressed with her styling eye and way of putting things together. So when we started doing these shoots with her I gave her free reign to pull what she liked. But last week she could not make it in and instead I pulled for her and I sent her a box of vintage goodies, sight unseen for her, and challenged her to make them look great. To be honest I think that challenged her styling sensibilities to the extreme and the proverbial gauntlet was laid. She had so much fun that she asked if we could do this for each post and that is exactly what we are going to do! I thought it would be fun to include just why I had chosen each week's piece for her, so we are going to add that in as well. I hope you enjoy this new twist on an already favorite feature of our blog.



This 1973 Metallic Lame Halston Dress

This is a dress that has been in the shop for a bit and I think it baffles people a little because it is just not a typical Halston. For me that makes me love it more. Even for the designers that found their groove and stuck to it, like Halston with his jersey and silk draped creations, designers did occasionally stepped outside their own self-made box and stretched their creative genius. Which is what we have here with this dress. I asked Amanda to make this one her own and show people that the metallic fabric can be worn in a way that is not all out excessive glamour, but pared back a bit and made cool and chic. Which is really how Halston intended it to be worn anyway, whether he thought he was outside the box on this one or not.




It's true... I do love a challenge! I like taking a piece that appears to look over the top & finding ways to make it a little less evening wear and a little more modern with the flexibility to wear for day or night. When I have such a dramatic piece like this incredible metallic Halston dress, I like to make my additions very minimal. Due to the weight & length of the dress, I decided that any jewellery that I was going to pair it with would be tight & very close to my neck. The silver vintage snake choker was the perfect add-on to create that balance. I like to allow the clothing, especially a piece with a print, to speak for itself. Accessories should never overpower your look, particularly when you're wearing custom 1970s Halston. So, I chose a necklace that was sleek, not overwhelming & complimented the metallic treatment on the dress.

My favorite challenge is to take traditionally 'dressy' pieces & create looks that can easily transition from the editorial set to dinner, then to a night of dancing. That's really how I shop. I don't ever deem anything too elaborate - I like to style it in a way where it doesn't feel that way, which is what I wanted to evoke in this shoot. I mean, life is too short to not feel like a goddess in lame Halston.

Since there is a lot of volume in this piece, I made sure the belt was cinched and tied tightly around my waist, to create more of a silhouette. To add even more shape, I hiked up the sleeves to show a little skin and to create body & more of a flouncy frame.

And if this dress wasn't perfect enough... hello, there's pockets! 

To finish the look, I paired the dress with a favorite pair of platforms.

Now, this is my kind of summer uniform and how I take an over the top dress and make it wearable day or night.


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