Summer Vacation

Posted by Cherie
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All photos by Erin Leydon



If you already read my column last week you know that today is the last post on the blog before our summer hiatus. If you did not read it - feel free to click here and go get the scoop on what made me decide to take the summer off from the blog. Feel free to pop me a note if you really really miss it, I am in the fence on when to start back up so feedback is always appreciated.

In the meantime, the shop will be filled with new vintage every week like usual and my Instagram will serve as my "mini-blog". I post there every day and will continue to share outfit posts there too. I love to tell little stories and share the bits of vintage knowledge I have stuck in my head on my posts there. I share all the new items going into the shop as they post on my Instagram stories. So it's not like I am leaving, leaving. The blog was always an extra to everything else so in someways dialing it back gives me way more time to do what I love - vintage!

That all said - lets talk what I am wearing today. This silk caftan is currently in the shop and has sat for a bit and I have no idea why. I love it. There are a lot of vintage caftans out there and a lot are cheap little things, but this one ... this one is special. It is well made and of good quality. It is not perfect perfect but for me that kind of makes it perfect. Some pieces, especially these kind of decadent pieces are better if they have a little patina. The color is fabulous and there is nothing more comfortable then a caftan. It is a no-brainer. You slip it over your head and you are done. Add shoes or don;t add shoes. Sure it doesn't show every curve but do you need to every singe time you wear something? To be honest the fact that it isn't skin tight and showing everything was the exact perfect balance to finally getting to wear my treasured, iconic S/S 2003 Dolce and Gabbana SEX necklace from my personal archives. One of my favorite things ever. Metallic striped Saint Laurent Candy platforms finished the look and for a couple of the shots i switched out the choker for huge vintage Indian Chandelier earrings. Five minute twisted up pom poms for my hair and I was ready to go. Ready for summer and ready for my "a little less work" summer to look forward to.

See you on Instagram.

Happy summer!


Here is the link to the caftan - if it's sold it might have been me cause I really do love it. It's not easy selling vintage some days when you want to own it all like I tend to want to do!


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