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Posted by Amanda
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Tess Parks in a YSL Jacket from Shrimpton Couture photographed by Shelby Fenlon.



There are so many misconceptions about the role of a stylist & what it entails. In fact, I’m still gaining insight into the job with each new assignment. Don’t get me wrong, my absolute passion in life is styling – but let’s get this straight… set life isn’t easy!

My favourite part of the job is the research that is involved prior to the shoot. Once you receive the concept & detailed moodboards, your days are spent trolling the Internet to find the best options to fit the overall vision. Then begins the hours spent being glued to your email for PR & designer responses. Sometimes the favoured looks are out, so you’ve got to be constantly thinking of what could be the next best option. Then begins the studio visits, where again – everything could change. *You’ll begin to notice the thread of unpredictability that becomes almost certain, every time*

Once the looks & additional options are selected & lugged home (Yes, I’ve actually gained muscle from carrying my weight in garment bags) – I begin to prepare for set. I tend to produce a few variations of each look, so we have a lot to play with when the artist is on set. My advice would be to bring some alternate pieces that may be a little off of the initial vision, because you never know what will inspire the artist you’re working with.

Also, it’s important to note that all of the looks you actually shoot – may not be the preferred shot for the magazine that is running it. Your favourite look, or the artist’s may never even see the light of day!

One of my favourite looks I’ve styled was with an incredible Rare 1980s Yves Saint Laurent Custom Dyed Feather Jacket from Shrimpton Couture for a musician portfolio in the New Yorker starring Alessia Cara, amongst other up-incomers in the music scene. Although we all loved it, including Alessia (as seen in the behind the scene’s snap on her social media - pictured below) it sadly didn’t make the cut. But what didn’t quite work for one shoot, perfectly expressed the style & aesthetics of another outstanding artist, musician Tess Parks (pictured above and at bottom).

So, although styling is an interesting hybrid of creative expression, collaboration, unpredictability… and manual labor. It’s always surprising & exciting! I wouldn’t skip a day on set for anything.  



Alessia Cara in a YSL Jacket from Shrimpton Couture (photo: @alessiasmusic)



Tess Parks in a YSL Jacket from Shrimpton Couture photographed by Shelby Fenlon.

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