Loud & Lavish

Posted by Amanda
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All Photos by Erin Leydon.


Recently I stumbled upon one of those "Do's & Don'ts" articles - this one in particular was about mixing color & prints. Three eye-rolls in was a photo of Rihanna with an accompanying *DON'T! How can we trust a fashion editor that's "don'ts" Rihanna? She's a sartorial risk taker who wears what she wants & does it so effortlessly. I mean, isn't fashion supposed to be fun & a little risky?

We have to follow so many rules in our day to day lives that this should be the one area where we feel the most free. Forget the Do's & the Don'ts & embrace color & prints and even wear them together!  

This 1960s Emilio Pucci caped set is the perfect mix of pattern & kaleidoscope of pink hues. The silk chiffon is airy & comfortable, and drapes beautifully. Worn together, it's Emilio Pucci at his finest: lavish, eccentric & elegant.




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