Jean Shrimpton and the Great White Wave

Posted by Laura
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Getting raves by the waves: a bright-white bathing suit with a lightly gathered bodice held by V-straps. Nothing but a soft cling of nylon... and that can be everything. By Brigance for Sinclair, of Du Pont nylon. About $23. All eight pages: Yardley body makeup by Giorgio di Sant'Angelo.



Is there a better pairing than Jean Shrimpton and Richard Avedon? Appearing as a bronzed white-clad goddess in front of his lens in this 1968 Vogue editorial, Jean is at her most magnetic. While it is a far cry from the early Bailey photos that made her a star, in these photos she is truly luminous—helped in part by the "Yardley body makeup by Giorgio di Sant'Angelo" (who knew he created makeup???). Showcasing her perfect body in stark white swimsuits, Jean is so much more than just the "world's most beautiful face", as she was dubbed at the time. As for the suits, they aren't as teeny as in later years—all are feminine, flattering and tasteful.


Jean Shrimpton by Richard Avedon for Vogue, January 1968.

Wave the white bathing suit a big hello: you know what white does a suntan—everything; what's new is the way it shapes up now—the softest, prettiest, most feminine bathing suit shapes in years. Flattery for all is the message. Putting the message across on these pages is Jean Shrimpton, who's riding a crest of her own—super-model, movie star (see Privilege), and—according to a recent London poll—the girl all the other girls want to look like. 



Flurry of pleats, flirting away from a high halter neck over the tiniest white shorts. Cole of California bathing suit, of Dacron. About $40.



The Shrimp goes to sea in a wave of white pleats
Short sea pleats, like the miniest dress flying high from strippy straps—in the whitest white bouclé with its own little matching-white shorts. Rose Marie Reid bathing suit of pleated Arnel boucle. About $30.



The Shrimp sails on in right bright white
The prettiest back on the beach: Jean Shrimpton's in a white ribbed maillot V'd down to a point. V's front and side too, with a roundabout strap to firm it all up. By Elizabeth Stewart. About $26.
The tunic, in the swim of things—a soft little fall of white, banded at the hip over matching mini-shorts. By De Weese. About $26.



The Shrimp rides high on the great white wave
The T-shirt takes the plunge, over short hip-shorts. Diamond-patterned white knitted Dacron bathing suit by Sandcastle. About $35.



Faggoted stripes, running around a white maillot with a neckline that puts a good suntan squarely in the picture. By Catalina. About $27.

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