I Love the Flower Girl

Posted by Amanda
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All Photos by Erin Leydon.


"I created flower women with gentle shoulders & generous bosoms, with tiny waists like stems & skirts belling out like petals." - Christian Dior 


This 70s striped Christian Dior set is totally unassuming & based on the site image- can easily be passed over. Here's the truth: once you slip it on, it truly takes shape & really comes to life! Some dresses don't have hanger appeal & need a body to shine. So dear Curated readers, I took it upon myself to take this colourful Dior for a whirl.

This two piece, designed meticulously in the classic Dior 'petal shape'- is perfectly proportioned & shows off what Dior believed to be the most beautiful parts of a woman's body: her shoulders, waist & ankles.

Under designer Marc Bohan- the classic Dior is updated. It's softer, lighter & easier to wear. The feminine fit, paired with the bright & bold striped print- which together, really secures this as a favourite look on Shrimpton Couture.

This look packs drama! Imagine if Scarlett O'hara time-travelled to the French Riviera in the 70s for a beach vacation- this would be her outfit of choice. Packed with a parasol & sly smile, of course. 


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