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Posted by Laura
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Expected everybody to be on the welcoming committee at the station, but, anyway, Uncle Harold showed up. My Autumn Haze natural-brown mink duffle coat by John Anthony for Goldin Feldman (which set me back a cool $3,000!) really impressed my foppish uncle, as usual, in his duds from Paul Stuart. My lovely Echo hat and muffler, my Ruza shoulder bag said that I was a very together niece!



And now for a little holiday fun... Even if you do not celebrate Christmas (or Hanukah, Kwanzaa or any other holiday in December), you will surely recognize this Cosmopolitan's story about returning to your parent's home and the (hopefully) amusing disconnections that emerge as you've matured while living away from them. Playfully sending up the idea of a glamorous magazine editor back in a small town for Christmas, the captions and images shore up the division between urban metropolis vs. rural escape while also cleverly discussing my personal favourite part of the holidays—planning one's wardrobe. All a bit over-the-top, the outfits are fabulous and are making me eager to catch my flight to Europe right now.

I have a special Christmas closet, full of amazing holiday-theme vintage I have collected, which I pull out every year. Among the items are a Reindeer-festooned Lanz 1970s dress and my grandmother's silk Pucci blouse, specially made my Emilio for the skiing crowd at Gstaad. Just as in this editorial I wear a white dressing gown on Christmas morning, though mine is Biba panne velvet. What are your plans for the holidays? And what do you wear?


Story by Gösta Peterson for Cosmopolitan, December 1975.

Well, Cosmo girl, this Cosmo girl's visiting her folks for Christmas! I confess that I'm nervous—can I bear being away from Jeff?—will I miss the parties?—can a clothes freak find happiness in a small town? Come, see!


What a rousing reception at home!—Mom and Dad, little Alfie, Grandma, my button-nosed kid sister Janie and her new husband, Fred. They just loved my Loomtags chenille cardigan, $31; vest, $19; blouse, $33; velours pants, $45. Janie was so adorable in her Lady Madonna maternity things that Uncle Harold quipped that if I hadn't left home, I, too, could be settled down and "fulfilled," just like Janie.



My high school chums threw a little party for me. What fun to get together with "just the girls" again. They were absolutely fascinated with tales of my life in the Big City. For the occasion I wore my satiny acrylic boucle top with the lace inserts, $28; matching skirt, $20. Lolly designed them for LolliPops and Roses. My Finesse pantyhose by J.P. Stevens and Larry Silverstein sandals were also big hits.



The greatest news! Jeff called from the city—he's lonesome—he loves me—and he'll be here tomorrow, Christmas eve! Mom was so thrilled, she declared that with "company" coming she'd have to do extra baking and clean the house from cellar to garret. My Collage acrylic knit pullover, $17; matching scarf, $11, were just the thing for all that fun activity! I wore them over pants from Casa di Cole.



Jeff is such a wonderfully warm human being and, of course, he's an actor and just so superhandsome that everybody was wild about him, though Grandma snorted it's a pity that he doesn't have a steady job. My Loomtags cardigan, $43; tank top, $27; and fringed shawl, $27, are all of rayon knit with just a smidge of Lurex. The long skirt's velveteen, $65, and looked just right for auspicious introductions. Jeff made a lasting impression in his turnout from Paul Stuart.



Christmas morning was simply super! Dad loved his golf pants—Mom was insane for her feather boa—Alfie was thrilled with his unabridged dictionary—and Grandma just got the shivers looking at the flimsy little nightie I'd bought her. I wore my mohair robe by Bill Tice for Swirl, $120, and Jeff was turned out in his smoking jacket by Dmitri of Italy. Best of all was Jeff's present to me—two tickets to Tahiti!—prompting Dad to grumble he trusts we'll set an early date for the wedding.



On Christmas night we had a big family get-together. Everybody though my dress was really something, but they seemed to calm down when I said I made it myself. You know the dress—that smashing John Kloss for Butterick 4509 with it's sweet little neckline and demure slit front. My pantyhose were Sheer-to-the-Waist Supp-hose. Jeff wore his Dmitri tux.



Later that night, alone at last, Jeff and I had a few moments together. My new Venity Fair Qiana nightgown, $25, drove him crazy as I nestled into his Roytex velours caftan. Golly—it's been a wonderful Christmas—all warm vibes in the bosom of an approving family. Tomorrow, it's back to the city, and—sigh!—come to think of it—that's home now!

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