Here Comes the Sun

Posted by Cherie
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Photos by Erin Leydon.



For the last zillion years in a row I have worked straight through the year. I've even worked on holidays and through any vacations, with no true break. When you own your own business the concept of Monday-Friday, vacations, and holidays go out the window. I actually kind of love doing a steady stream of work rather then being nailed to a 9-5 desk job so I am not really complaining. This life style suits me and I would not have it any other way. I am just telling you how it is. I like to keep on top of things hour to hour, plus it drives me absolutely full out BATTY when a business ignores its own business and leaves clients hanging. If you are a client of mine, you already know that if you pop me an email you usually get a response right away, and certainly within the hour. Unless I am sleeping. And sometimes I will even wake up and answer emails at 3am. And some more at 4am.

I started my fabulous little vintage company because of my deep love for the beautiful pieces I find and the deep satisfaction I get when I find a new home for them. The next reason down the list was because it put my life into my own hands. I get to set my own hours, do business at my own pace and generally make the rules. I get to actually treat people how I want to be treated. I get to run my business so that you deal with ME, not some random hire who doesn't really know what they are doing and doesn't love it all like I do. I make the rules and work my ass off so I can create my little world to be just how I want it to be. All good stuff. The only problem is that as a Type A, I now work every day, all day. The concept of a sane, doable work load has long flown the coop.

Last year, my tiny team and I decided to go full force and really make the the blog something special and it took off as a result. At the same time, my Instagram and the shop have also grown. Now my workload is bursting at the seams. I also put quite a bit of money into the running and upkeep of the blog, paying the contributors for what they write, etc etc and it earns nothing back. I don't have advertising on it and I try pretty hard not to make it just one giant ad for my shop. In fact, I think I do that to my own detriment and should use it a little more as a sales tool, but that just doesn't fit with who I am. Lately it seems I am spending the most time on the blog, followed by Instagram and then working on the shop, That puts the actual vintage part of what I do dead last as far as how my time is divided up. The problem is that my love for those three endeavors - blogging, Instagram and vintage - is in the exact opposite order.

One day last week I woke up and had a little "aha" moment where I remembered just why I started all of this. That whole "life in my own hands" thing mentioned above. As a result, I have decided that for the summer I am putting the blog on hiatus. We will finish out next week since my team and contributors all have a final post to share and then it is summer vacation as far as the blog is concerned.

The shop will continue on as usual, but maybe with a little extra something here and there because I will have the time to do more if I want to. That said, I am planning to not fill up all that extra time with extra work. I am going to garden, go on little mini trips with my new husband, and spend time every single day outside. Last summer, days went by without me even leaving my desk and I would miss days at a time of sunshine. Sadly, I am not even joking or exaggerating. This summer, I have started running with the dogs every morning (K its a shuffling jog at the moment but still...) and I already have a few weekend trips planned.

On Instagram and here on the blog, I have started sharing how I personally wear the vintage I find. I love the mix of new and vintage and the feedback I have gotten has been very positive, so I will keep that up. That will just be over on Instagram though instead of here on the blog as well. Instagram will kind of me my new "mini" blog for the summer. At the end of the summer I will re-assess and see how I feel and if there is even a need to come back to blogging at all. I will just figure it out then.

In the meantime... here comes the sun... and this summer, I will be right there soaking it up.


Today I am wearing this 1960s Marimekko caftan dress from the shop. The hat and shoes are Saint Laurent and the earrings designed by my Instagram friend Rebecca de Ravenel


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