Great Clothes to Summer in Now

Posted by Laura
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Evening-Sky Blue Pajamas: Silhouetted at dusk against Manzanillo Bay at Las Hadas, or anywhere you go on a summer night—thin gauze evening pajamas, in palest sky blue. A light top with deep, easy sleeves... sheer gauze pants to match. By Roland Potolodzie for Concept VII.


A note from Cherie:
As we head into our summer hiatus I wanted to share one last column from Laura and then we are off for the summer at the end of the week. I hope you have loved having her "Fashion Historian" point of view in her weekly columns. I also wanted to take a moment to thank Laura for all the time and effort she has put into her columns since they began. Laura has one of the most brilliant fashion-centric minds I have had the pleasure to know and I think we will see big things to come from her as her career continues to soar.



Since we are taking a break from the blog for the summer, I thought I would leave you with a little summer fantasy wardrobe from 1975. All of the looks included are the epitome of 70s chic simplicity—monochrome simple silhouettes that look as modern today as they did 42 years ago. As Cherie and I are huge Halston fans, I know there is nothing better for us than a Halston white crepe de chine pajama outfit in the bright blast of the Mexican sun.

The white knee-length skirts with little tops reflect the 1970s era's retro fascination with the Thirties, which first found a revival in fashion after the release of Bonnie and Clyde in 1967 and then on the catwalks of designers like YSL and Sonia Rykiel. Old-fashioned accessories (wide-brimmed hats, espadrilles and parasols) were also made cleanly modern by their stark simplicity and lack of decorative details. Though I'm a lover of lace, frills, prints and flounces (just look at many of my other posts), on a very intensely hot day there is nothing I want more than to throw on a cool cotton or silk dress that stands away from the body and allows for ease of movement in the sticky heat. Though I'm not planning a tropical vacation this summer (yet!), these easy-to-wear minimal pieces are great inspiration even for a NYC summer.


Editorial by Rico Puhlmann for Harper's Bazaar, June 1974.  



Ice-Blue Pantsuit: Narrow tailored jacket and pants, both in thin frosty-blue linen. With them, wear espadrilles, the classic summer shoe. Sibley-Coffee.



Raspberry Ice Pink Wrapper: It's terry cloth the color of raspberry sherbert—a pink both hot and cool - classically cut into a wrapper you can wear year-round. Over a bikini to the beach this summer. After a shower at home later on. By Stephen Burrows.



A Fresh Blue Short-Suit: Thin pinwale corduroy in fresh, clear blue—as a hooded blouson jacket and neatly-cut shorts. If you've got good legs, nothing looks trimmer for summer days in the country. By Jeane Campbell for Sportswhirl. Don Marshall hat.

A Fresh Pink Shirt: A clear, bright pink cotton shirt cut like a safari jacket. It's great-looking with white shorts for day, or you could wear it with white pants for a casual evening. By Jeanne Campbell for Sportwhirl. Hat by Yves Saint Laurent Rive Gauche for Madcaps.



Sunshine Blue Top and Pants: Loose shirt top with big easy sleeves, in sunny-sky blue chambray. You wear it with the matching pants, a straw hat, sandals—and you're dressed for any summer day. Maxime de La Falaise for Blousecraft. I.J. Herman hat.



Sunshine Pink Shirtdress: Soft pink chambray as a new looser tent-shaped shirtdress. It has tucks around the collar, roll-back sleeves, all the ease and comfort a summer dress needs. With it, wear a pink hat. And take along a matching parasol. By Beene Bag. Hat by Don Marshall.



Summer Night White Pajama: To wear for summer-night parties, evenings out—a white silk crepe de chine pajama. The top open at the neck, sleeves caught into big, softly-rippled cuffs... all the more dramatic under a huge white hat, against the spectacular white architecture of Las Hadas. By Halston. Straw hat by I.J. Herman.

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​Summer Night Black Pajama: Another pajama for another summer night—or perhaps a very special late night occasion. This one in silky black Qiana, the top soft and flowing over slithery black pants. By Calvin Klein. Straw hat by I.J. Herman.​



The Lightest White Knit: A great summer suit in creamy pale white, the long cardigan and tank top of lacy openwork knit, the skirt a more solid weave. By Francesca for Damon.



The Coolest White Cotton: A summertime dress, and a terrific one. It's creamy-white cotton with deep roll-up sleeves, a soft sash at the waist—everything about it as breezy cool as can be. By Tiktiner. Yves Saint Laurent Rive Gauche for Madcaps.



Indispensable White Skirt: It has two inverted pleats and buttons down the front—and it's the kind of skirt you could wear every single summer day or any informal summer evening. With a bare halter. A tank top. Or a light cotton shirt, like this. By Tudor Square. Sona of India shirt. Yves Saint Laurent Rive Gauche for Madcaps.

Indispensable White Pants: Your other summer indispensable is a pair of well-cut white pants. You'll wear them just as many days, nights and ways as you'll wear the skirt. At right, with a strapless top, a pullover ready in case it turns cooler. By Tudor Square. Tric-Trac top. Jax pullover.



The Black Bikini: Just a smidge of a strapless top, a bit of a bottom—that's all there is to this black bikini. But if you've got the figure for it, what else do you need? By Cole of California.



The White Maillot: A maillot that wraps around you. It's the suit for those who want more cover-up but still want to show off a terrific figure. By Sirena in. Madcaps hat.

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