Go BB Bombshell This Summer

Posted by Reem
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Brigitte Bardot in "A Very Private Affair", 1961.



Hot and sticky summers are a time of great sartorial challenge; you need to resist the temptation to opt for the little-clothes-as-possible approach to dressing, find ways to dress appropriately for work and more formal functions, all while keeping cool. The balance between stylish and sexy is a fickle tight rope during the long awaited warmer months. During the transition between winter and spring, I asked, “What would Francois Hardy wear?” This season, however, I find myself romanticizing the easy glamour of Brigitte Bardot.  

Interestingly enough the French bombshell’s youthful styling seems to be back in full force this summer. Shots of a young Bardot in short shorts and chicly cut basics made stunning by their body-conscious fit, reminds me of current S/S ’16 trends. There are even shots of the starlet wearing a choker, an accessory that is having a moment and, while widely associated with the ’90s, actually has it’s roots in 1798 during the French Revolution as homage to those who met their death at the guillotine.

Beauty aside, Bardot was also associated with a youth and women’s liberation movement. She was the subject of Simone de Beauvoir’s Brigitte Bardot and The Lolita Syndrome. The timeless relevance of the BB bombshell is self-explanatory. Given her turn to activism post-film career, I for one can say I don’t agree with all Bardot has stood for over the years, but as a sartorial icon and a timeless testament to the power of great beauty, she stands arguably unrivalled. Just scroll through the photos and see for yourself.



(L) Brigitte Bardot and Jean Noel Grinda, 1970s.   (R) Brigitte Bardot in Mexico by Gérard Géry, 1965.



(L) Brigitte Bardot on a yacht off Saint Tropez, France, 1968.   (R) Brigitte Bardot, 1974.



Brigitte Bardot in "Viva Maria," 1965.



(L) Brigitte Bardot at St Tropez, 1965. Photo by Jicky Dussart.   (R) Brigitte Bardot, 1968.



(L) Brigitte Bardot In London, 1964.   (R) Brigitte Bardot walks barefoot in St Tropez, 1958.



Brigitte Bardot in Mexico filming "Viva Maria", 1965.



(L) Brigitte Bardot, “Le Mépris”, 1963.   (R) Brigitte Bardot, c. 1965.



(L) Brigitte in St Tropez by Jicky Dussart, 1965.   (R) Brigitte during the filming of And God Created Woman, 1956.



Brigitte Bardot in Italy, 1961.



Brigitte Bardot in St Tropez, 1962.



(L) Studio portrait of actor and model Brigitte Bardot wearing a light blue off-the-shoulder dress c 1960.   (R) Brigitte with Jacques Charrier in Saint Tropez, Frankreich, 1959.



(L) Brigitte Filimg "La Femme et le Pantin", Spain, 1958 by Loomis Dean.   (R) Brigitte in St Tropez, 1958.

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