Follow Me Into The Enchanted Forest

Posted by Cherie
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All photos by Erin Leydon.



Follow me into the enchanted forest
Where fairies dance
And trees talk


That is the first three lines of a poem I stumbled across on the internet by Star Child and I find myself saying it under my breathe whenever I walk the trails of our property. We are lucky enough to live on 100 acres of land that is undeveloped and mainly forest, streams and wilds. Most of it is environmentally protected and I feel that, here in our little corner of the world, we hold the forests sacred and do our part to keep a little of the wilds safe.

Everyone in my household walks the trails we have put through the property on a daily basis. We have gigantical dogs and it’s a must for everyone here to feel balanced. Every morning that weather permits, I will take my two Great Danes with me for a good hour walk. It clears my head and reconnects me and calms me each and every time. It is enchanting and I feel lost in the wonderment of the forests. The three of us will often strike off the trails and find new spaces. It is astonishing how you can walk daily for years and still discover new nooks and crannies of hidden spaces you have never seen before. Sometimes we stumble across wildlife and every day that passes sees the changes that happen to the wilds season by season. For every small death something is born and every bit of it is beautiful and glorious. I often post videos of our walk on my Instagram stories. It is my way of sharing this with you and if you are stuck at a desk somewhere yearning for the feel of the outdoors I hope you will come walk with me.

This week the weather has been cold and then hot, sunny and stormy. The day we took these photos the fog rolled in and the forest became even more magical. The sweeping lines of this 1960s dress and cape with its pretty floral pattern in corals and reds, seemed the perfect contrast the eerie feel of the fog. My crown is hand made by Heather of Heart of Gold Designs and gave the chiffon a sense of regalness it would not have had without it.

And the dog? That is my beloved Maxwell, one of my two Great Danes, who could not understand why we did not turn on our heels and tromp off through the forests after taking the photographs. I am sure he thought that we had simply gotten dressed to dance with the fairies that day.


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