Colour Theory

Posted by Amanda
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All Photos: Amanda Lee Shirreffs.



As the cold weather approaches – so does our desire to shroud ourselves in monochromatic looks. It’s so easy to fall into a sartorial sea of black, especially when you’re not feeling motivated, or have a lack of energy during the bleak winter months. We wear it as a security blanket & whether we are aware of it or not, it can have a depressive affect on our psyche.

Research through colour therapy has proven that injecting some bright, colourful pieces into your wardrobe could not only improve your mental health, but the way you’re approached in the world.

I decided to test this & embrace a colour I wouldn’t normally gravitate to by trying on this rare 1960s Lucie Ann ruffled crepe jumpsuit (click to shop!) in green.

Wearing green symbolizes security & typically it is a calming colour, bridging and creating balance between yourself & others.

Although psychology suggests I should feel calm in green, I can definitely report that I felt absolutely fabulous in this jumpsuit! It gave me an added feeling of confidence by the way it sculpted and curved my body, while the ruffles increased movement – which added bit of flair to the look. As for the bright colour, I loved it! It is what makes this look such a show-stopper. So, lets hold off on our camouflaged looks that allow us to blend into the background & embrace colours that have real positive effects!  



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