Be a Christmas Jewel

Posted by Laura
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Diamond. Traditional jewel of esteem. Some find it cold; others,, most tenderly warm. Warming it up, bogus diamonds set in gold on transparent-topped harem pajamas. By Oscar de la Renta. K.J.L. jewelry; sandals by Latinas.



What could be better that jewel-tone evening dresses? How about Raquel Welch in said gowns? At her most leonine, Raquel sparkles in this 1969 editorial shot by Terry O'Neill for Cosmopolitan, which should serve as your Christmas and New Year's party inspiration. Lamé, velvet, sequins and giant faux jewels are set off by smoldering eyes and luscious waves—and Raquel's inimitable body. Each look is based on a precious or semi-precious stone; a novel idea from which you could choose your personal favourite or maybe even your birthstone. The key silhouettes of the late 1960s are all here: the voluminous abaya (here called a "caftan"), cropped waistcoat and harem pants, plunging sheath, and scandalous halter. To recreate these ensembles, look to Shrimpton Couture for all the most glamorous vintage treasures.


Raquel Welch photographed by Terry O'Neill for Cosmopolitan, December 1969.

Why not think of yourself as a jewel?—beautiful, precious, treasured—all the things you really are! Each gem carries a message all its own—just like you! Are you a sentimental amethyst-girl or a smoldery topaz type?—does your vivid coloring vie with rubies?—or perhaps your eyes suggest sapphire? Here to help you decide which jewel you want o be is beautiful Raquel Welch, star of Twentieth Century-Fox's Myra Breckinridge, modeling all eight of her own favorites. Like Raquel, make your dress, your whole personality, reflect the Christmas jewel you've turned into! 


Amethyst. Much prized by Victorian ladies. Modest, in a way. Helplessly romantic. Romance-inspiring dress ties under the bosom, falls shepherdess-fashion to the ankle in crunchy cellophane knit of rayon and Lurex. Scott Barrie, $120. K.J.L. jewelry.



Emeralds. Exotic. Dauntlessly rich. Deep as hidden forest pools. Feline shimmy dress lengthens the T-shirt, slits it from ankle to thigh, is imminently pettable in knit rayon panné velvet. By Vicki Cooper for Ulla, $50. Lavish "emerald" necklace by House of Joy.



Jonquil. Impudent as a sunbeam. Careless as laughter. Open somehow. Innocent. Chiffon nymph dress has halter front, a layered skirt that zigs and zags from anklebone to thigh. By Jon Haggins, about $300. Jewelry, gumdroppy "jonquil" spiked with "peridot" by Cadoro.

Rubies. Sensuous. Regal. Prized for their mysterious depth of color. Mystery here enhanced in a floor-length sequinned kimono with deeply V'd neckline. By Gayle Kirkpatrick, $315. Forehead jewel, ring, by K.J.L.; necklace, Mimi di N.



Topaz. Clear and devastating as a snifter of cognac. Unplumbable as a cat's eye. Wonderfully warm. Disturbing little-jungle-cat dress comes on warm in silk chiffon misted with gold. By Bill Blass, $495. "Topaz" belt and earrings, K.J.L.; ring by House of Joy.



Pearls. Luminous as a moonscape. Uniquely pure. Peerless as an enhancement to feminine skin. Skin-conscious dress of drapey Enkalure by Jon Haggins, $145. Ninety-inch pearl ropes by Kenneth Jay Lane for Laguna.



Sapphire. Elusive true-blue. Seldom duplicated artificially. The Mediterranean has it; so do some eyes. Eyeful of glamour, sapphire and silver sequinned bolero and long pants. By Tracy Mills for Tudor Square, $78. Sandor Goldberger belt; House of Joy earrings.

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