Balmain Woes

Posted by Amanda
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All Photos Courtesy Amanda Lee Shirreffs.



We all fall victim to dress regret. That incredible piece you talked yourself out of & just can never shake the long-lasting upset it's caused you. This is most likely due to the narrative being some version of, '...but where would I wear it?' I've heard a form of that question more often than not while working in retail since sixteen years old & it's always mystified me. Whether you choose something incredible (like, for instance: the 60s Pierre Balmain mini dress from Shrimpton Couture) to wear to an event, or in my case to walk the dog. If you feel wonderful with it on- there should be no limitations!

In the wise words of Julian Casablancas, "You Only Live Once." Buy the dress & wear it confidently! There's always an occasion to wear something you love. 


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