The Look at Night

Posted by Amanda
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All photos by Erin Leydon.



The Look At Night: September 15th issue of Vogue, 1972.

“…It’s the smallest night we’re talking about, the private sort of evening with people one likes and wants to look well for. It can be eight for dinner and talk at someone’s house…or twenty-two and ‘don’t dress’ (meaning do—not too much, not too little). Or it’s a movie, a concert, or the theatre, with something on later…a restaurant… a party. In other words, the most familiar, most enjoyable nights of the year. You make an effort for them…you take time about your hair, your makeup…you have the right jewel…the right thing to wear… What’s understood, and so attractively this season, is that there is a need for certain clothes at night. And they are here: with a little glitter or bareness—for restaurants and don’t-dress evenings…shirts and pants, offhand as day but luxe-ier—in the fabric or in the putting-together…clothes that ease down gracefully into low sofas and pillows. Clothes that don’t strain for glamour; they have it, they give it…what more could you ask of clothes?"


This rare three-piece metallic Missoni suit, worn beautifully by Apollina in the September issue of Vogue, is a mosaic of shimmering colour. Worn layered, or as separates, this lightweight lurex material moves so beautifully! As Vogue perfectly described, " ...A lovely thing to sit around in, and when you walk, it floats."

Luxe with ease!

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Apollonia lounging in a perfect room in a perfect Missoni lurex suit, photographed by Kourken Pakchanian from Vogue, September 15, 1972.



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