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Supersonic cotton flying suit by Tipper Ipper Appa.



The flying suit force in heavenly flashes of colour, in cottons, synthetics and shape for fashion bright and free and breaking barriers.

Countering my instinct for scanning floaty, ethereal editorials in the summer, I have decided to share this stunning shoot by Guy Bourdin - who is always a good antidote to anything too sweet or frivolous. Despite the uncharacteristic lack of flesh on show, these photographs still manage to be provocative and bold with the strong, open poses by the model and the almost fetishistic concealment of eyes and hair behind goggles and hats. The clothes are simple, inspired by sports and aviation, mainly by the legendary Ken Scott, but also with the notable inclusion of a gingham Jean Muir (it's always nice to be reminded that Jean was not exclusively using fluid jerseys and crepes). Ken Scott was well-known for his bold textile designs ("Ken was doing psychedelic colorings before anyone even knew what psychedelic was all about", said one contemporary) and these remarkable pieces certainly don't disappoint!


Photographed by Guy Bourdin. Vogue, April 1969.


Breezy blue and white gingham flying suit and gingham turban by Jean Muir.



Dazzling white space suit and super-visored space helmet by V de V. White borg fake fur leggings to order from The Chelsea Cobbler, laced over white patent boots from Elliott.



Free-falling blazer stripes, the brightest yet on the smallest suit, in Ban-Lon by Ken Scott. Marbled boots from Ravel.



Singular suit, signalling summer. Turban, hip pockets, bikini and patent belt by Ken Scott. Boots from Elliott.



Liberated little judo suit printed with judo playing people. All by Ken Scott. Orange boots from Susan Locke. All goggles from Lillywhites.

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