A Skin For All Seasons

Posted by Liz
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Jaguar sleek jumper dress in pigskin by Jean Muir.



Beautiful Veruschka in soft, supple leather, a sleek, powerul Jaguar XJ6... we combined fashion - clothes in suede and leather, big news for Autumn - and a road test in Spain.

Is there anything more harmonious than a photoshoot involving Veruschka, a Jaguar XJ6 and photographer Franco Rubartelli? Add in some sensational and tactile leather, suede and skin clothes and some spectacular jewellery, and you've got serious magic here. Rubartelli and Veruschka really were the dream team of lovers and creative partners and this always comes across in the mood of their photoshoots together. This one in particular has a very timeless, almost cinematic, feel - despite having all the trappings of the late Sixties in its aesthetic.


Photographed by Franco Rubartelli. The Daily Telegraph Magazine, 27th September 1968. 



Tortoiseshell leather coat by Cordoba.



Dramatic maxi coat in antique brown leather by Paul Blanche.



Simply splendid burgundy Suedelope tunic with matching trousers by Cordoba. Balloon leeved shirt by Savita.



Majestic python coat, fitted and full length, by Quorum. Worn with white jersey silk trousers by Marrian-McDonnell.



Proud purple Suedelope lambskin is used for a long evening dress with matching cape. By Suede and Leathercraft.



Perfect for stalking through the hay fields - marmalade suede waistcoat and shorts at Simpsons Piccadilly.

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