A Beautifully Long Way On

Posted by Liz
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Dress by Susan Small. Boa by Belinda Bellville. Pumps from Ferragamo.



A beautifully long way to look: velvets crushed like liquid bark or smooth as silk lawns, painted velvet, velvet grained on chiffon, chiffon and brocade. Colours of carmine and creme de menthe, of topaz, garnet, silver, amethyst and midnight skies. Free adaptations from the classics, Diaghilev and Paris salons. And in this new definition of Art Deco after dark - silks falling to ziggurat levels, skull cap and bodice spangled like the zodiac, jewels just a butterfly trembling with colour, an infinite string of pearls, one, two, three giant rings, eyelids painted in luminous crescent moons. Here, ten illustrations of the way you can look in the winter that starts tonight and moves into a new decade.

The world can often feel like a frightening and cold place, especially - and perversely - at Christmas and New Year time. So if I could, I would wrap you all up in fantastical silks and velvets from Thea Porter and protect you all with their magic. The clothes in this stunning editorial by Guy Bourdin are the most delicious, snuggly and otherworldly, and a perfect escapism from the Winter blues.


Photographed by Guy Bourdin. Vogue, October 1969. 



Dress by Belinda Bellville. Pumps from Russell and Bromley.



Ensemble by Thea Porter. Pumps by Bally.



Dress by Thea Porter.



Trouser and camiknicker ensemble by Chloe.



Tunic and pants by Chloe.



Ensemble by Thea Porter. Shoes by Charles Jourdan.



Ensemble by Thea Porter. Slippers from The Chelsea Cobbler.



Ensemble by Thea Porter.



Dress and skullcap by Chloe. Shoes by Charles Jourdan.

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