Mini Skirts Forever!

Posted by Amanda
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Above: London Girls Protesting for Mini Skirts, 1966. (All other photos courtesy Amanda Lee Shirreffs)


Editor's Note: When Amanda sent in her column this week we were in love with her styling of these pieces. We also loved the shot she chose above and instantly recognized it. Why? Because we did a piece on it way back in May of 2014. After you have finished Amanda's column today take a moment to hop over to read the story behind "The Day Midi Protestors Stormed Oscar de la Renta" .... xx Cherie



“Mini Skirts celebrated youth and life and tremendous opportunity. They had a kind of ‘Look at me’ quality. They said, ‘Life is great.’” – Mary Quant

When Mary Quant brought the mini to the Kings Road in ‘64 she declared it liberating and rebellious whilst still giving the wearer the “ability to run for a bus.” The rise of the Mini coincided with the introduction of the Pill & acted as the symbol of female freedom. Generations later, I still feel that same sense of liberation when I wear a mini.

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