Spring 2016: Marianne did it first

Posted by Reem
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Marianne Faithfull, 1967



If you followed any of the Spring 2016 trend reports, you’ll know that a lot of publications are declaring minimalism out and emotive, graphic, ornate pieces very much in. In this post-Instagram world there is a lot of talk about #stylegoals but when many fashion fans seem to be looking to the same models or bloggers for inspiration; everyone can end up looking the same. This makes for a boring street style canvas. So this season might be the time to channel a stylish starlet of the past for your ultimate #stylegoals. A perfect example is musician, actress and It-Girl Marianne Faithfull.

When I think ornate individualism, my mind automatically wanders to ‘60s style. Spring 2016 is as good a season as any to infuse your wardrobe with key vintage pieces, since each runway had a decided element of nostalgia and emotion that spanned beyond modern style. Faithfull is infamous for her high profile relationship with Mick Jagger and her authentic “I’m with the band” aesthetic is so reflective of that decade yet timeless all in the same breathe.

Faithfull was an expert in making a statement without saying a word. Whether it was a pair of graphic glasses, the perfect fringe, or making a scarf tied around her neck look so effortless. The bombshell beauty wore all that is cool in Spring 2016 over 50 years ago. If you don’t believe it scroll through the photos and then check out Vogue’s Spring 2016 trend report.

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(L) Marianne Faithfull, 1967.



Marianne with Mick Jagger by Adger Cowans, 1968.



(L) Marianne, 1966.



(L) Marianne Faithfull portrait from "Blinds And Shutters" Photographed by Michael Cooper, 1967.











(R) Marianne Faithfull by Roy Ilingworth, 1967.



Marianne by Frank Hudson, 1966.



(L) Marianne Faithfull and Anita Pallenberg, 1967.  (R) Marianne Faithfull on French program "Les visiteurs d'un soir", 1966. Photographed by Gérard Letellier.

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