The Silver Era

Posted by Amanda
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All Photos Courtesy Amanda Lee Shirreffs - 1970s Dior Gown from the Shrimpton Couture archives (please enquire)


Editor's note: If you follow my instagram you already saw some of one of these pics on Saturday. When Amanda pulled these pieces they were not only for today's column but also I wanted her to wear the little Dior number to her - Studio 54 meets Andy Warhol's The Factory - birthday bash last week. Which she did! She did not include those photos for today's column but we decided to sneak them in anyway. Sorry Amanda but how could we not? Happy birthday Dancing Queen .... xx Cherie


“Silver was the future, it was spacey - the astronauts wore silver suits…and their equipment was silver too. And silver was also the past - the Silver Screen - Hollywood actresses photographed in silver sets.” - Andy Warhol

Inspired by the decorating materials of early 60s amphetamine users, the Factory was a magnet for a menagerie of artists, musicians & experimentalists who served as inspirators & collaborators for Andy Warhol.

The design of the infamous Factory was created by artist Billy Name who’s own apartment was adorned with tin foil, spray paint & broken mirrors. The silver sculpture-like environment reflected Warhol’s subjects and served as a glittery, alternate universe – where the past & future collide.

As the S/S 16 runway trends prove, metallics are still inspiring & glamour inducing. Embrace your inner Warhol Superstar & silverize your look by injecting some incredible shimmering metallics into your look this season.

See my Factory transformation below!  







Andy Warhol



1970s silver lurex knit wrap jumpsuit from the Shrimpton Couture archives (please enquire)






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