The Sexy Side of Vintage

Posted by Cherie
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I recently had someone tell me that vintage is not as sexy as new items are. I told them they are wrong - dead wrong. And I have these shots to prove it. We recently sent out a number of items for a creative shoot and are just now starting to share the photos - one set of which is this amazing 1970s James Galanos number. On the site it is photoed with the lace circling around the arms and curving down the back, but for the shoot Nadia switched it around so that the back has the exposed V plunge and the front becomes this dramatic plunging, curving affair of lace. It is actually remarkable just how different it looks the two ways  - really it gives you two gowns in one. The workmanship is exquisite and I doubt that there are very many "new" pieces that could compete with the quality. If this does not qualify as sexy I am not quite sure what does, right?

There is of course the added benefit of not seeing yourself walk into a room because everyone has the same dress as they all try to be the "hot one" in the room. But then again, if you are reading this you already know that vintage is your secret weapon in that respect.


Photographed for creative purposes by Nikki Ormerod, Styling: Nadia Pizzimenti, Hair & Makeup: Ashley Readings, Model: Constance from Plutino Models.



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