How to Update Your Spring Wardrobe

Posted by Laura
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Versatile Zouave, Flowered Chiffon. Fresh from Paris comes this romantically soft spill of roses, all over the bare-shouldered silk peasant blouse, cotton zouave pants and slashed skirt. And they are just the beginning of a whole collection of fresh European ways to toss flowers into every part of your wardrobe. These, by Saint Laurent Rive Gauche.



Are you as excited about spring as I am? I'm always surprised by how much the change affect me—I guess I do not realise during winter the gradual lowering of my mood, so that by the time spring arrives in March it feels like a new world has opened up... And a whole new wardrobe of clothes has become available in my closet!

This 1977 editorial from Harper's Bazaar is all about styling tricks to expand and revamp your spring wardrobe. Layering separates had been important fashion news for several seasons (Bernadine Morris called it "an era of layering" in the New York Times in 1976), but by 1977 it was of vital importance to the fashionable look. Luckily designers like Yves Saint Laurent and Valentino were making light, flowy cotton and silk separates that layered with ease and no bulk, using a spectrum of floral patterns to tie everything together in an effortless way. YSL's spring ready-to-wear collection was described as a "big potpourri of fashion emphasizing the fantasy and the fun" (NY Times, 10/27/76), which is definitely clear from the first look in this editorial—the ultimate spring fantasia of florals and gypsy influences.


Maria Hansen and Cheryl Tiegs photographed by Bob Stone for Harper's Bazaar, March 1977.

Flowers. T-shirts. Blousons. City Shorts. Button-front skirts. Five great new ways to update everything you own for spring. They are where the excitement is. And the colors. And the patterns. And the fun of putting all the pieces together this way and that. They are all here, ready to get into right away.


Versatile is one of the prettiest words around these days, as you can see by looking at the pieces, the patterns, the make-up here. Wear them all together or with anything else you like.
Versatile Make-up, The Soft Brights. Fresh as flowers at daybreak, the new sun-washed colors are so luscious and shining, they could update your whole life. And the prettiest thing about them is all the attention they focus on what is probably your most provocative feature: your mouth.



Skirts are great now. Some you hike way up and wear as sundresses. Some you hike way down on the hip. They all hug the body at one point. And they always show lots of skin.
The Three-Skirt Sundress. Three cotton batik skirts, in different lengths. Start with the long one and wear it as a dress. Layer the other lengths over it, so the shortest is on top. Or, if you like, wear each by itself. All by Basile, in cotton (Etro).



The Bandeau Skirt-Sundress. The stretch bandeau matches the skirt's waistband. And you can either wear them together as here, or just wear the skirt, hiked up high, as a short sundress. By Jacqueline Jaccobson for Dorothee Bis, in cotton and modal.



Skirts piled like petticoats, layer upon layer, look twice as pretty this spring. And it is all part of the new softness you see blowing in everywhere.
The Flowered Double Skirt. One is pretty. Two can be even prettier sometimes. That's the kind of breezy thinking that is going on now. Wear one skirt on top of another, one or two on top of pants, or just one at a time. Here, all the pieces are by Valentino, one skirt in cotton and all the rest in silk.



The Flowered Double Make-Up. Why not think of your lipstick and eye shadow this way, too? Max Factor has all the colors you could possibly want. Take their Geminesse Enriched Velvet Shadow and layer Moonblush over Sandstone. Do your mouth with two of their new Geminesse Enriched Cream Lip Colors: Start with Brownstone Coral and then add a glint of Hennaberry Frost.



What is the newest idea for evening? It's the dress that has more than one look. Wear it all covered up sometimes. And other times, wear it all by itself.
Flowered Tunic, Two Ways. One way you can wear this flowered chiffon tunic is scarfed and garlanded with more flowers, over crepe de chine pants. Another way is to simply skip the scarf and pants and wear the tunic alone, as a dress. By Sonia Rykiel.



Flowered Dress, Two Ways. What you see here is a flowered silk chiffon dinner dress with beautifully full long sleeves. Remove the sleeves (they are detachable) and what do you have? A sensational strapless dress. By Givenchy Nouvelle Boutique.



All Around You: Fragrant Flowers. Main image: What you have here is a new kind of fragrance that is incredibly light, enduring, intense. The scents of jasmine, roses, hyacinth and jonquils come forth clear and true, just as they do on the slopes of Grasse. It is called Cristalie and it is by Chanel. Wear it with Chanel's Mauve Pink Lipstick, a lilac shirt, a flower scarf. A fresh anemone, too.

All Around Your Waist: A Flower Scarf. Inset: Clinching the fresh flower look for spring and summer days, a flower scarf knotted on the hips gives a wonderfully rustic look. The cotton shirt is sprigged with little pink flowers, the ruffled skirt if big and full. Skirt by Mari Pierre Tattarachi. Shirt by Franck Olivier.



Flowers all around you. What a beautifully fresh way to update your clothes, your looks, your mood. And there is a new kind of fragrance which does just that. Put it on. Then add a flower scarf, too.
All Around You: A Flower Scarf. This has to be one of the biggest, brightest flower scarves. It is the one you pick to put around your hair, your shoulders, or the waist of the flowered peasant blouse. There isn't a softer, more becoming way to surround yourself with flowers than a scarf like this (or the others on these pages). All by Saint Laurent Rive Gauche.

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