A New Yorker in Milan

Posted by Cherie
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All photos: Arianna Bonucci for theeyetravels.com


When you deal in vintage there is often a moment when you hold a dress in your hands and wonder about its life. Where has it gone? What adventures has it had? Has it traveled the world? Gone to fabulous parties, been a part of a seduction or mad affair? I would like to think that this lovely little vintage Oscar de la Renta has stood on a balcony in the sunshine before. Perhaps caught on the film of a tourist as they looked up at the lovely woman wearing it like Samantha does here in Milan. Perhaps in the past it was in Paris, or a balcony in New York, but it certainly must have had a glamorous life before - and if not, it certainly can lay claim to one now. And who knows where it will travel with its next owner ....


Samantha is wearing a 1960s Oscar de la Renta Kimono Dress from Shrimpton Couture — available here.


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