MFW Day 4: Samantha Angelo in Shrimpton Couture Vintage

Posted by Cherie
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Photo courtesy Samantha Angelo


There is something about the color red. The instant you add a pop of it to any outfit the eye is instantly drawn to you. This makes it a color that is not for the faint of heart or for anyone that wants to fade in the background. And when that red piece is vintage - well I like to think that it is that much more special. When we let Samantha from The Eye Travels into your racks to borrow and work vintage into her outfits as she works her way through all the major fashion weeks around the globe, I never would have thought she would use our little sixties Dior dress to top a pair of wide legged pants. It shouldn't work, but somehow she made it happen and it suddenly looks super fresh and modern. again. It is after all from the sixties and when it originally debuted this little A-line scooter silhouette would have been the height of modernity. I kind of love that it looks so modern and still and if nothing else you just got a new styling idea to add to your arsenal.


Outfit Details: 1960s Miss Dior Dress from Shrimpton Couture  /  Coat: Bottega Veneta  /  Pants: Scotch & Soda  /  Shoes: Charlotte Olympia  /  Beret: The Hat Shop  /  Bag: Dior


Photo: @albertoalicata



Photo: Soren Jepson for vogue.co.uk



Photo by Stefano Coletti for vogue.it



Photo: @giofashionpoint



Photo courtesy Samantha Angelo



Photo courtesy Samantha Angelo



Photo: @streetstylevgenio

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