Stars and Spangles

Posted by Liz
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Meadowlark Lemon was stopped short by this Quorum black jersey dress trimmed with sequined stars. Designed by Alice Pollock it costs £150 from Quorum. Black snake shoes, £30, from Mary Graeme.



For instant impact every woman should own at least one sensational special occasion evening dress. The ones here even slowed down the famous Harlem Globetrotters, whose fast, skilful and vastly entertaining brand of basketball has been seen by millions of people in over 40 countries throughout the world. Their glittering brand of sporting showbusiness was quite outshone; the stars were stopped in their courses.

Paulene Stone, widow of actor Laurence Harvey, is photographed at the Empire Pool (later known as Wembley Arena) by the late, great Duffy in this Telegraph Magazine editorial from 1974. Surrounded by the charismatic Harlem Globetrotters, the dazzling clothes are provided by Biba, Bill Gibb, Jane Cattlin, Christopher McDonnell and Quorum founder Alice Pollock.

I think this is a perfect representation of the new direction British designers were taking at the time. A more mature, international aesthetic was forming, with less emphasis on youth and youthful extremes.


Brian Duffy would later attempt to destroy his own archive in a bonfire; an artistic response to his frustrations with commercial photography. A book on his work, published in 2011 after extensive research and restoration, concentrates more on the early fashion shoots, black and white portraits and later Rock and Roll photography, such as for Bowie's Aladdin Sane album cover. But there is still more to appreciate and discover in his vast body of editorial fashion output for publications such as The Telegraph Magazine and Cosmopolitan in the 1970s. His long working relationship with Paulene Stone, beginning in the early 1960s, really shows in the natural, relaxed feel of this rarely seen shoot.



Photographed by Duffy. The Telegraph Magazine, September 1974.



Meadowlark Lemon and Marques Haynes ran rings round this white knitted silk three-piece suit by Christopher McDonnell, £220. Silver scarf from Biba. Gold/silver shoes from Russell & Bromley.



Geese Ausbie and John Smith promptly called 'Time Out' when they saw this sequined dress from Biba. Dress costs £55.



Marques Haynes is not only the world's greatest dribbler; he is also President of his own successful women's knitwear company in the States. He showed Paulene Stone some of the finer points of basketball... and could appreciate some of the finer points of Bill Gibb's gold lurex pleated skirt and knit top. Skirt about £75 and top about £44.



Paulene was the centre of attraction in a grey jersey bead-trimmed dress from Jane Cattlin. Dress and matching hat about £101.

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