Sophia Loren for Dolce & Gabbana

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Sophia Loren in the new Dolce Rosa Excelsa ad.



In late January, Dolce and Gabbana unveiled infamous Italian beauty Sophia Loren as their Spring beauty star. The ad is for Dolce Rosa Excelsa, D&G’s new fragrance, and is accompanied with a short promotional film. In the ad, the 81-year-old actress - flanked by male models - rebuilds a home, then hosts a party for the neighbors. There are young beautiful girls, traditional roles and, of course, roses. What is really striking about the casting of Loren is that we all know beauty campaigns to be contrived, yet there is nothing more natural of a fit than an iconic Italian fashion house and the iconic Italian beauty. When D&G tells you their Sophia Loren lipstick is, of course, classic cherry red, you believe them. I know I believe them because in my opinion, Sophia Loren is the most beautiful woman to have walked the earth.

There are not often positive, inspiring or motivating reactions to a woman’s beauty. It will not stop war or feed the hungry but sometimes it conveys an attitude that makes us want to see that beauty within ourselves. Sophia Loren’s natural attractiveness makes me want to approach dressing a little differently, my beauty routine a little differently; it really makes me view aging differently.

One of my favourite quotes on sex appeal comes from Loren: “Sex appeal is 50% what you have and 50% what people think you have.” It’s that simple. With ease, she is saying work with what you have and project what you want to. She had the signature eye makeup, the beautiful full lips and olive skin, but more than that she had an attitude that owned up to every single bit that made her a woman.

What makes the timeless starlet so inspiring is that the greatness of her beauty makes me want to own every part of my appearance, hopefully with even a fraction of the grace Loren possesses.




Sophia Loren for Dolce & Gabbana n1 Lipstick.



Sophia Loren With Her Wigs by Henry Clarke, Vogue, 1972.



Sophia Loren by Chiara Samugheo.



Sophia Loren in South Wales, August 1965.



Sophia Loren, 1960.



Sophia Loren, Canal Grande, Venice, 1955.

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