Instagram Round-up: 70s Punk Inspired

Posted by Meghan
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Image: @punkpistol_seditionaries



A while back I made a post of my favorite Instagram accounts at the moment and I’ve been feeling inclined to do the same thing again, though this time a bit more focused. I can definitively say that I’ve been having a bit of a punk/punk-adjacent phase in the past few months and my Instagram follows have reflected that. And I have no designs about myself being some punk purist—I’m here for the look and the look only, so please don’t feel the need to quiz me on my knowledge of punk music or history because I know almost nothing. I’m very much the vapid fashion girl that punk fans would cringe at and I’m unashamed. Maybe one day I’ll actually listen to the Sex Pistols, but I wouldn’t hold my breath. Of the very little I know about the punk movement, I do know that the genre musically was symbiotically linked to fashion. This is where the Queen of England & Vivienne Westwood enters the equation. In the mid-70s, along with Malcolm McLaren, Vivienne opened her store SEX which became a punk mecca and a linchpin for the movement. The SEX store was the inaugural moment of Vivienne Westwood’s career as a designer so the punk movement deserves it respects if only for that reason alone. So with all this in mind, I’ve combined a few of my top Instagram picks featuring punk and punk-ish (I told you I was no purist) content. God save the queen.




Cult Jones is an Antwerp-based online retailer of a carefully selected collection of new-ish and vintage books. Instagram is used as something of an advertising platform for the site with scans of recent acquisitions. It’s a very eclectic and fashionable collection of books mainly from the 70s and 80s ranging across genres—architecture, interiors, fashion, photography, music, etc. As you can expect there is a bounty of punk related books from this time being hawked at Cult Jones which pepper their Instagram frequently.





I’m not even sure who this Instagram belongs to, but I’ve been following it for a while and it is ripe with 70s gems that exist outside the disco wares and Yves Saint Laurent high-fashion moments we might think of. It’s aesthetic is a seedier take on the 70s which is most definitely punk-inclusive.





The legendary British stylist Katy England’s Instagram is like a mood board with rotating images of her work and the images that inform her work. A hefty dose of Givenchy campaigns interspersed with grainy, rare photos from rock and roll history and a few family photos of her life and home with husband Bobby Gillespie (post-punk drummer of The Jesus and Mary Chain and Primal Scream).





If there is a purist among the Instagram punk purveyors, it is @punkpistol_seditionaries. It gets its name from the renaming of the SEX store in 1976 to Seditionaries. It is the Instagram account for the online archive of the same name which belongs to a collector of authentic and original punk merchandise. You’ll find an abundance of archival SEX and Seditionaries clothing as well as photographs of punk icons Johnny Rotten, Jordan, Siouxsie Sioux, Iggy Pop, Debbie Harry, and of course Vivienne.

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