Embrace your eccentricity!

Posted by Amanda
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David Bowie, 1972.



“I find only freedom in the realms of eccentricity.” - David Bowie

It seems this week the world has dimmed. The colourful, bright light that was David Bowie has sadly blown out.

He was a shape shifter, who's devotion to each character was done with such honesty & dusted with pure magic. With each embodiment - he transformed & transported his audience to what felt like another world. A world full of creativity, without prejudice or ego, a place where you could belong.

His contribution to the arts was immeasurable, continuously inspiring new generations of designers, musicians, and artists. He honed in on the power of change & re-invention, creating almost a sculpture out of his own image, through makeup, fashion & movement- all authentically orchestrated. This truly paved the way for designers & the idea behind their collections, the importance of re-invention each season & the way in which they are presented. Bowie-forms take shape on the runway every season, whether it be through Jean Paul Gaultier's, 'Rock Star' collection, or influenced subtly through feminine cuts & tailoring in Gucci's latest collection. His influence is felt.

What I truly loved about Bowie was that he embraced colour, bold prints & Avant Garde stage wear, each look threaded with elegance & beautiful tailoring - forever changing & altering the norms of the time. In fact, we are still trying to catch up.

Although his loss is deeply felt, I come away with feelings of gratitude of living in a time that has been truly influenced by his rebellion & dedication to individuality.

It's time to embrace yours. My favourite Bowie-centric pieces from Shrimpton Couture (and a Bowie and Cher Young Americans Medley video) are below.



1970s Silver and Pewter Sequin Halston Tunic Dress >



1970s Citrus Silk Jersey La Mendola Jumpsuit & Overlay >



1960s Sleeved Purple Silk & Gold Thread Caftan >



1960s Sequin Covered Bright Bob Bugnand Pant Suit >



1960s Marimekko Blue & White Cotton Caftan Dress


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