Happy Holidays from the Shrimpton Couture Team!

Posted by Cherie
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Happy Holidays!

This will be our last post of 2015 and I wanted to take a moment to say thank you!

Both for allowing me to continue doing what I love and for supporting vintage as a whole. It’s a bit of a crazy, business - full of ups and downs, highs and lows, but I love being able to do what I do every single day and for that I am grateful. This year has been a huge growth year for me, both professionally and personally, and as I have steadily added to my team on both the shop/vintage side of things and the editorial/blog part of what we do, I am continually amazed at how many people we get to bring vintage to every day in some way. It really makes my heart sing. I like to think that we are bringing you the best in vintage and trying to expand our little vintage world at the same time and be a bit of a bridge to a glorious past while still looking firmly to the future.

This past year saw some of the best vintage pieces ever land in the shop. I am lucky enough to have people bring their treasured Haute Couture pieces to me these days and I love having them in the mix. Couture is always just a little more special and I hope each and every one of you gets to have a piece of your own one day. It’s truly magical stuff. On that note, my collection of Dior in particular caught the eye of the Dior archives in Paris and in a wonderful coming together of events I hosted the Assistant Director of the Dior archives at the studio this past week - an event that was to me the cherry on the vintage cake and one of the true highlights of the year. It just happened to coincide with the arrival of the 1953 fantasy gown you see above and the two together was the perfect finish to 2015 for both myself and my team. We decided to end the What’s New on this note and for the remainder of 2015 - the ten whole days that are left - we will not be listing any other new items. Instead we are working behind the scenes and doing some housekeeping and work on a couple small projects that you will see the results of in 2016. And of course you better check the site on the first Monday in January as the new items will start pouring in.

In the meantime, enjoy your holiday and raise a glass of eggnog (or champagne) with us to all things vintage and lovely. Thank you, thank you, thank you for keeping it alive and allowing me to be the conduit for our mutual obsession. May your 2015 end on a high and your 2016 begin with love and happiness.


(and the rest of the Shrimpton Couture team!  Jenna, Christopher, Reem, Meghan, Amanda, Laura, Fiona & Liz)

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