Finding the Perfect Leather Jacket

Posted by Amanda
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Luke Perry & Kristy Swanson in Buffy The Vampire Slayer, 1992.



There is a particular scene that is permanently etched in my memory of Buffy, played by Kristy Swanson, jumping on the back seat of Luke Perry's motorcycle in a prom dress & leather jacket. It was a cinematic reference that has forever led me on this quest to find the perfect leather, one that could seamlessly be thrown over a ballgown & accessorized with a wooden stake.

Finding the perfect fitting leather jacket is really not an easy feat. It feels as though I have scoured the world, surveyed the masses & sorted through countless styles- but the childhood Kristy Swanson dream remains.

Since I'm now such a seasoned shopper of all things leather- I thought I would make life a little easier for our Curator readers & select all the best leather 'must haves'.

Shop my favourites, below!



1990s Gianni Versace Patent Leather Motorcycle Jacket (available here at Shrimpton Couture)

After YEARS of searching - I've finally found the perfect one!. This Gianni Versace patent Motorcycle leather jacket is the definition of effortless & cool. Now, where is Luke Perry?






2012 Collection Gold Kid Leather Burberry Trench (available here at Shrimpton Couture)

This is one of my very favourite looks from the 2012 Burberry Collection. The metallic makes it really youthful, and adds a really glam touch to a classic style.






1980s Hand Painted Roberto Cavalli Leather Jacket (available here at Shrimpton Couture)

This is a really cool 70s piece that I would love to have in my collection! The hand painted detail creates a really beautiful effect. So wearable!

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