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In 1976, Newton shot Saddle II in Paris, inspired by the luxury products on display in Hermes that juxtaposed handbags, silk scarves and accessories with bridles and leather goods. He used his observations to compose a witty subversive shoot in which a model clad in a tuxedo jacket, black bra and stockings and suspenders sat astride a saddle on the back of an armchair.



They are iconic images that have shaped fashion portraiture, inspired countless photographers and created lasting impressions on everyone who has seen them.

And now, a collection of famous pictures taken by superstar photographer Helmut Newton, are going on display in London in a one-of-a-kind exhibition.

Among the 26 original vintage silver gelatin prints is a candid snap of a young Jerry Hall, captured in her bathing suit spitting water over her topless model pal.

The exhibition is one of the largest of its kind for many years in London and will consist of 26 original vintage silver gelatin prints produced in limited numbers by the celebrated photographer.

The images include the iconic Rue Aubriot, taken in Paris in 1976. In the haunting shot androgynous model, actress Vibeke Knudsen stands totally alone in a lamplit street in a deliberately androgynous outfit made up of Yves Saint Laurent's cult Le Smoking dinner jacket, pin-striped wide leg formal trousers and white tie.

Recalling the shoot in an interview with New York Magazine in 1988 Newton said: 'Vibeke was a girl I often worked with in those days. The idea was a man-woman standing in the street at night - the street, in fact, in Paris' Marais district, where I lived for 14 years.

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A collection of iconic images taken by Helmut Newton the legendary photographer dubbed 'The King of Kink are going on display and will include famous pictures such as Swimwear (Jerry Hall spitting) taken for Vogue in 1978. Newton, who died in 2004, famously said: 'If a photographer says he is not a voyeur, he is an idiot'.


His pictures including this one, titled Tomb of Talma, from 1977, features a woman suggestively dressed, who although clad in a thick fur coat and high heels appears not to be wearing any clothes beneath her coat as she adjusts her stockings and suspenders.


Le Cadre Noir De Saumur features models appearing to be scared after coming across across instructors at the French military riding academy, one of the most prestigious schools of horsemanship in the country.


In Chez Patou, shot for French Vogue in 1977, pouting models pose in loose dresses in a salon that looks like a Parisian atelier.


Jerry Hall stars in the snaps, which were produced from a series of transparencies that he considered his most provocative and important work through 1984.

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