Modern Suiting

Posted by Amanda
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Melanie Griffith in Working Girl, 1988.


“Dress shabbily & they will notice the dress. Dress impeccably & they notice the woman.” Sure, Coco Chanel originally said it, but so did Sigourney Weaver in Working Girl.

Working Girl was one of my earliest exposures to pop-culture feminism. It prepped me for my own trying, sometimes seemingly impossible, journey through this crazy career. Clothes play a pivotal role in the movie – as Melanie Griffith character, Tess - grows in determination, her sense of style evolves. It was a revolutionary view of contemporary businesswomen, highlighting the Power Suit – the emblem of a generation.

Modern suiting has definitely progressed. Job descriptions & environments have become increasingly unconventional, especially with Generation Y’ers, like myself. Creativity and self-expression are at our core values, and we use that flare to present our individualism in the workplace everyday.

Although our Power Suits have taken on a different form, we still use them to forge our path to success.

Follow my take on Modern Suiting below!


Be Eccentric

Typically, I like to dress a little eccentric for meetings. Whether it’s incorporating colour or print – I try to be impressionable and maintain a feminine flare. For my meeting with a record company, I wore this incredible Holly Harp Print Pantsuit from Shrimpton Couture, styling the belt as a necktie. To modernize the 70s suit, I added my favourite leather jacket from Public Butter, and circular sunnies from Tusk. (PS: I got the gig!)



Holly Harp Print Pantsuit from Shrimpton Couture  /  Sunglasses from Quay Australia  /  Leather Moto Jacket from Cheap Monday




Mix & Match

Days on set can be long, incredibly physical and tiring, so it is important to factor that in when choosing your outfit. Of course, you also want to dress the part. I personally like to feel unrestricted, so I usually opt for dresses or flowing skirts that are visually strong. For my morning on set I chose a patterned velvet Pucci skirt from Shrimpton Couture and paired it with a vintage shirt I bought in Italy. I styled it with a pair of Stuart Weizman knee-high boots (which definitely got kicked off!)



Oui & Non T-shirt from Le Cole des Femmes  /  Leather Knee High Boots from Ted Baker  /  1960s Pucci Jacket & Skirt from Shrimpton Couture




Incorporate Colour

When I’m not running to make meetings, or carrying garment bags twice my weight – I am at my home office responding to emails. When you work for yourself, you have to motivate yourself and I do that by wearing colour. Since I’m a minimalist when it comes to accessories, I really like to experiment with different tones. I was so drawn to the powder blue Courreges separates. I felt so chic, like I just reached ultimate Jenner/Hadid fashion-status.



1970s Courreges Turtleneck & Pant Set from Shrimpton Couture  /  Kitty Flats from Charlotte Olympia 

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