Gold Surprises

Posted by Laura
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It wasn't just the clothes. It was the fabrics. Shimmered, tissue-thin, often with a slight transparency, it took even gold-watchers by surprise. And delight...     Just a hint of the golf at Mary McFadden—slender, knotted, with knotted ties, in featherweight silk brocade—as glorious an evening as you'd need this year, any year.


If there is an equation to perfect the ideal fashion editorial, I am pretty sure "Deborah Turbeville + Jerry Hall + gold chiffon" might be it. Looking like she is ready to roll straight from the dancefloor into bed (or the other way around), Hall shines in two off-the-shoulder gold looks—a debaucherous gypsy disco goddess—while Sunny Redmond sparkles in a gold sheath and possibly the chicest Glen plaid suit ever. Nude models clad only in "transparent, faintly gilded pantie-stockings" add to the atmosphere of luxurious abandon—all reflected back from the mirrored background. Studio 54 only opened four months prior to the publication of this story, but it is totally and completely of that era—and if you are a fan of the 70s, there is really nothing better...


Sunny Redmond, Jerry Hall and unknown models photographed by Deborah Turbeville for Vogue, September 1977.

Just when you thought gold had been done to death, four designers did gold at night as if it had never happened before.


The most romantic gold was at Adolfo—shot through sheer black silk chiffon, a gilded silk skirt just grazing the ankles.


Part of the pleasure: the textures. From brocade to mesh, there's never been a season like it.
On the body, this gilded silk dress from Julio blousons gently with a thin cord (or, loose, shimmers to above the ankles). Off, it folds into nothing. A dream.


Who else could do golden Glen plaid chiffon!?!—Bill Blass's dazzle of a pyjama takes menswear to its most glamorous, most feminine, most! With the softest sheer gold-mesh blouse...

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