Klimt Kaleidoscope: Naomi Campbell in Shrimpton Couture

Posted by Cherie
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Photo: @hamishbowles


"No one was able to one up supermodel Naomi Campbell, however, who rocked an Afro and a vintage Paco Rabanne chain dress: barely there and totally chic" said Vogue Magazine and I would have to agree, biased or not.

I was thrilled to have the call come in asking if I would loan Naomi the important, and very rare, Paco Rabanne Haute Couture chain-mail dress that is in my shop right now. Needless to say when I woke up that Sunday morning to countless photos of Naomi on Instagram I was thrilled. Having one of the true supermodels show up wearing a piece this rare and special, not because you are paying her to but because she loved it enough to ask if she could, is just one of the most gratifying things a girl in my business could ask for.

Vogue covered the party saying:

"Allison Sarofim and Stuart Parr hosted a motley crew at their West Village home. This year’s theme? Guests were asked to take sartorial cues from artist Gustav Klimt. And while the Austrian painter might not immediately conjure up images of ghouls and goblins, he did create many symbolist paintings ideal for inspiration. “Roll with Gold and Soul,” read the invite, and many did, including Naomi Campbell, who arrived resplendent in a vintage Paco Rabanne metal dress from 1968 on loan from the Shrimpton Couture library, while host Sarofim donned a Giambattista Valli Haute Couture dress, which she dubbed “Pussy Couture,” playing off of the Goldfinger character Pussy Galore. Also taking in the festivities were artists including Tom Sachs, Will Cotton, Lucien Smith, and Francesco Vezzoli, mingling with chicly clad partygoers such as Vogue’s Hamish Bowles and Chloe Malle, Jill Kargman, Harry Brant, Donna Karan, and Demi Moore, who shimmied with performers clad in flower crowns, disco balls, and everything in between."

There were two other vintage appearances from some of our favorite people on Instagram there too - fellow vintage fanatics Hamish Bowles, who wore vintage Jean Paul Gaultier (and was the first to post a photo of Naomi and credit me - thank you Hamish!) and the gorgeous Lynn Ban who wore a drop dead gorgeous, vintage chain-mail Versace Atelier dress.

The Paco is not yet back in the shop but will be soon if you are interested in acquiring it  - it is actually winging its way to yet another project involving more supermodels of the moment. I can't breathe a word more on that, but let's just say its quickly racking up the provenance and pedigree points even beyond the fact that it is rare couture made by Paco Rabanne himself. I think Mr Rabanne would be exceedingly pleased to see what has happened to his creation and he certainly would approve of Naomi wearing it!


Photo: @NaomiCampbell


Photo: @germanlarkin


Photos: @reneegarnes  /  @enri_nyc


Photo: @reneegarnes


Photos: @enri_nyc  /  @queenmelomanila


Lynn Ban in Vintage Versace. Photo: @lynn_ban


Hamish Bowles in Vintage Jean Paul Gaultier. Photos: @hamishbowles  /  @lynn_ban

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