An Ode to Alexis

Posted by Amanda
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Image via pinterest. All other images courtesy Amanda Lee Shirreffs unless otherwise stated.


I'm a product of the 80s. I grew up watching re-runs of Dynasty, when Joan Collins out-sassed the world as the fiery Alexis Carrington Colby. She was witty, (a little too) confident, but so impeccably dressed- thanks to costumer designer, Nolan Miller. His creations defined an era where sequinned gowns, fur stoles and brimmed hats ruled.

For this week's Style Post - I wanted to channel Joan as Alexis, while featuring a selection of stand out pieces available at Shrimpton Couture.


Image via Pinterest



2008 Sacai Black Cashmere & Silk Tulle Sweater available now on Shrimpton Couture >

This Sacai cashmere & tulle sweater is actually a work of art! Something Alexis would wear to overthrow her ex-husband's company. To complete the look, I paired it with a matching tulle neck tie and sleek PVC gloves.



1970s Heavily Sequin & Bead and Silk Pewter Top available now on Shrimpton Couture >

There is never enough sparkle for Alexis! I absolutely adore this 70s beaded pewter top.  I paired it with my favourite high-waisted Jean, Iris Denim & added a gold element with a vintage double-rope chain. Dream selection: Pair with Pedro del Hierro Madrid's 'Epifanio' midi skirt (Available on Netaporter.com)



S/S 2010 NWT Givenchy Tribal Print Mini Dress available now on Shrimpton Couture >

An ode to Alexis would not be complete without a beautiful dress (Hi Givenchy!) and fur, which in this case is a mixed faux fur from the H&M collection.


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