The Spirit of Yé-Yé

Posted by Amanda
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Image: tumblr. (All other images courtesy Amanda Lee Shirreffs)


The 60s is my favourite decade. An era of optimism, youth rebellion & change: both lively and inhibited. In spite of the heavily male-dominated time, women were still determined to unite & impose their views on sexuality, and social issues.

I’m really drawn to the aesthetics of the female driven moment in fashion & music, with the Yé-Yé Girls. They redefined Pop Music by injecting visceral thoughts & daring lyrics, encouraged a fashion rebellion in a country with a large, stale generation gap and revolutionized the social & sexual landscape of their time.

This week for Curated, I wanted to incorporate the feeling of the 60s and spirit of the Yé-Yé Girls, since it’s so relevant today. We’re doing what we love; we’re asking questions, embracing our individuality and using fashion as a platform for that.



 S/S 2005 Miu Miu Runway Geometric Print Silk Coat Available Now at Shrimpton Couture >

I was really inspired by Frances Gall for this look. I paired the incredible 2005 Runway Miu Miu coat with a really basic knit & suede skirt that I picked up from Forever 21. (I KNOW!) I hate over-accessorizing, so I added little stylistic touches like the metallic Moonrox barette & retro Komono glasses and textured fishnets to modernize the look.



1990s JPG Cartoon Mini Skirt & Top available now at Shrimpton Couture >

“Shebam! Pow! Blop! Wizz!” This amazing 90s Jean Paul Gaultier Comic Strip set is the ultimate Yé-Yé Girl outfit. Paired with my prized possession, a 60s leather biker hat from Star Struck Vintage in Greenwich Village. Dream addition? Dior’s FW15 latex booties.



1970s Chic Cream Courreges Pant & Jacket Suit available now at Shrimpton Couture >

Homage to all things Yé-Yé wouldn’t be complete without the ultimate Courreges pantsuit, inspired by Francois Hardy. André Courrèges is one of my very favourite designers, so this was almost a holy experience for me. I paired the pantsuit with a lace camisole from my Mom’s 60s store, The Bus Stop & completed the look with a trim I made into a choker, from the Garment District.



1960s Miss Dior Chic Bright Red Mod Dress available now at Shrimpton Couture >

This 60s Miss Dior dress seems like it was almost made for Marianne Faithful, who although British, had Ye-Ye girl status. I wore this with my Claudia Shulz hat & Diane Von Furstenberg Chelsea Boots.

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