Sabine Getty's take on the 1974 Bob Mackie dress for Cher

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Photo by Robert Fairer.

"I have been obsessed with the 1974 Bob Mackie dress that was worn by Cher to the Met Gala since the first time I saw it. It is, in my opinion, the most fabulous party dress every made. That dress had just the right amount of outrageousness and sexy, mixed with a dash of showgirl.... the kind of dress for when a girl needs to be the star of the night. And I loved that the original was worn on someone like Cher, who can pull off anything, who is never vulgar and has a very elegant body. It was exactly how I wanted to feel for the evening party of our wedding. I worked closely with the House of Schiaparelli to create a custom made, Haute Couture version inspired by Cher's gown and strove for a version that wouldn't feel like a copy but more like a modern interpretation of it." 
- Jewellery designer Sabine Getty's exclusive comments to us when we asked her just how her evening party dress for her wedding, to Joseph Getty this past summer in Rome, came about after reading in Vogue that it was inspired by that famous Bob Mackie Cher dress.

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