Runaway Fashion

Posted by Laura
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"You could," suggested Peter Fonda, "spend a whole weekend going from movie to movie to movie." Foreign firms, technicolor types—everything (including Peter's latest: 'The Young Lovers' and 'Lilith'). Above: An afternoon at New York's Variety Theatre, which offers the most movie for the least money in town: two features plus cartoon, 40c. Because fashion should be fun, too, she's wearing a right-now coat in a spring-timed color: strawberry pink. It's deliciously scrunchy wool tweed, belted and buttoned on the double. By Cosmopolitan Juniors.


What could make a more perfect weekend than a series of romantic dates with a young Peter Fonda? Shot when he was at his most handsome, this editorial from a 1964 issue of Mademoiselle spells out the magazine's ideas for the ideal weekend—and not much has changed. Peter and the model scooting around town and in the country—to auctions, movies, and the theatre—in a series of chic leather and wool looks has me counting the days until I can dip into my (vintage) fall wardrobe for a trip on the back of my man's motorcycle.

Editorial by Gösta Peterson for Mademoiselle, October 1964.

What makes a weekend wonderful? Great clothes, great company. The company she keeps is played, on these three pages, by rangy, articulate Peter Fonda. Above, a weekend a la campaign. Great way to go: via motorcycle—here, the sturdy, speedy Honda "Scrambler". Her cycling look—rather Rocker—a souped-up version of leather-jacket-and-pants. Tawny-brown pigskin (!) battle jacket, by Mallory. Tweedy black/white diagonal wool/Dacron pants, Norman Davidson.


Another weekend scheme, beautiful in its simplicity: take a car and another couple—and go. Auction and lunch in the country, dinner and theatre in town, and maybe a game of Botticelli en route. A costume with a multiplicity of possibilities. Zip-fronted skirt and jacket, in a vicuña-colored fleece. Emerging, ready to go to dinner,  a sleek hooded dress of navy-blue jersey. All by Robert Sloan.

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