Blog Hiatus - Off to get married!

Posted by Curate
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Editor's Note: You may or may not know it but Jenna, my Art Director and persona without whom Shrimpton Couture would not be anywhere near what it is, my little Jenna is getting married! Amongst the constant beautiful images Jenna creates for the both the shop and blog, she also pretty much runs Curated, and oversees all the contributors here. Since I have handed over the reins to her many months ago she has done an amazing job and quite frankly it seemed more of the right decision to just go on a brief hiatus rather then try to stumble and bumble along without her. I cannot tell you how pleased, proud, joyful and happy I am for her and her soon to be husband. I love her beyond belief and am so immensely proud of everything she has achieved and am truly grateful each day that she is part of this whole crazy journey. xxcherie

I'm off to get married! There will be a hiatus in blog posts while I spend some time with my brand new hubby but keep checking the site for new listings and our Instagram for your daily fix! Plus, it's a good time to look back on some of our older posts to make sure you haven't missed anything ;) New posts will be back August 31st.

Until then! xx Jenna

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