BEAUTIFULLY JADED... Or how to win a losing game

Posted by Liz
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One thing that fascinates me about flipping through my old copies of Vogue is when I find a piece by a particular designer which goes dramatically against the received wisdom about their output. In this instance, an Ossie Clark piece which doesn't resemble any of the fluid moss crepes or chiffons so widely associated with him. Here David Bailey seductively photographs his future wife Marie Helvin in a jade lace corset and pencil skirt, all to order at Ossie Clark. You don't find Ossie corsets in exhibitions or books and, to be honest with you, I'm not sure many people would even be that interested in buying one if one was fortunate enough to happen upon an example. The early 'mod' pieces, the later sequined jersey pieces and the exquisite tailoring are often lost amongst the Celia prints and the billowing romanticism of traditional Clark. But to truly appreciate the artistry of Ossie, or indeed any designer of the period, it is good to be occasionally reminded that he was definitely not a one-trick pony.


Photographed by David Bailey. British Vogue, July 1974.


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